How to create a profile image in Google+
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Social networks play a significant role in our life and most of us have profiles in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. As a rule we share photos and news with friends. It is very easy to edit pictures in Google+, do it in a similar way like you did in Picnik.

You can upload a picture from your PC or take a snapshot with a webcam. By default an image is cropped to meet the profile picture dimensions. There is a creative kit available for photo enhancement. Along with the auto-correction the editing tool includes a set of basic features: crop, rotate, resize, color, sharpness and exposure adjustment. These parameters are easily adjusted with dragging the slider along the scale. The result after applying a certain filter to the image is displayed momentously. If the result isn’t satisfactory you have a possibility to undo the changes. The program always asks you to add or cancel the selected modifications.

Photo Editing for Google+
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The effects variety in the corresponding tab is quite impressive. It allows to remove image blemishes, experiment with the color range, turn a photo into black and white and much more. Each effect has a detailed description. To view it, press the “?” button under an effect.

Apply Photo Effects in Google+ photo editor
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The photo editing tool in Google+ keeps a lot of decorative elements which were part of Picnik functionality. Whereas in Picnik some features were accessible only for premium users Google+ photo editor doesn’t have any restrictions. Here you’ll find all fun photo editing effetcs such as adding fake beards, horror masks and fancy crowns, speech bubbles, Christmas hats (see our previous post about fun photo effects). Insert hand-drawn hearts, sports accessoires, pink or blue birthday element, etc. Of course, you can apply a text. Select between fonts and colors. You can even play with advanced blend modes.

Add Text to Photo in Google+ photo editor
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Advanced Blend Modes

If you remember the majority of Picnik functionality, has been moved to Google+. The choice of photo effects is poorer than in Picnik. Besides it is impossible to frame a photo nicely but this feature is excessive. At the same time thanks to the Google+ inbuilt photo editor you don’t have to edit images using a third party editing apps. None of other social networks can boast with their own photo editor. Google is on the top as always.


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