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Nowadays almost each hand-held gadget has a camera to make photos. The photo files usually need some photo editing. Let’s learn how to edit photos. There are plenty of photo editing tools for all skill levels: simple online photo editors, middle-level desktop picture editors, or advanced Adobe PhotoShop. This review is devoted to PhotoScape. You don’t need to be pro-photographer to edit your photos using this wonderful program. Check our PhotoScape quick tutorial for beginners.

What is PhotoScape?

PhotoScape free easy-to-use photo software, which helps view, edit photos, make photo slides, and create animated gifs of good quality. It’s not open-source software; if you’re looking for an open-source image editor, see our GIMP review here. Photo editing turns out to be fun, safe and amusing journey into photography world with original PhotoScape. Download and install PhotoScape from here onto your PC (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP), select photos that are to be edited and launch this photo editing software.

PhotoScape Pros:

  • free;
  • safe;
  • powerful for amateurs;
  • supports RAW photos from SLR camera (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc) & digital cameras;
  • editor & viewer in one tool;
  • includes slideshow player and slideshow maker;
  • creates animated gifs

PhotoScape Cons:

  • confusing interface;
  • old-fashioned program style;
  • complicated workflow (some things you need to learn how to find in the freeware);
  • no Mac support

Look at few simple things you can start with.

What Can PhotoScape Do?

There are plenty of tools in PhotoScape toolbox. You can do almost all basic photo manipulation tricks with the help of PhotoScape. Let’s list the most popular PhotoScape photo editing features among beginners. See full list of PhotoScape features in action:

Top 5 Most Popular PhotoScape Tools:

#1 PhotoScape Image Viewer

Of course, there’s an image viewer. Here’s a list of PhotoScape supported image formats: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, CR2, CRW, NEF, NRW. View your photo collection in left. Click Viewer tab and browse all photos stored on your computer.

#2 PhotoScape Photo Editor

Switch to Editor tab and select photos for your first photo editing project. Make sure you have a copy of your photo just in case something goes wrong. Drag and drop an image you want to edit. Use zoom in/out feature for precise photo editing. Rotate or flip photo if it’s necessary.

Try PhotoScape tools for amazing photo editing experience:

  • Test a different photo style: serpia, gray, or convert your photo into a black and white image. You can always return to the original colorful photo palette by clicking Undo button on the right side.
  • Resize your photo. Set pixel width and height or pick up a suitable size among PhotoScape templates.
  • Modify the share of your photo. Make it rounded, or keep it rectangular.
  • Adjust color, brightness, contrast manually or click Auto Level to do all work automatically.
  • Add a photo frame. Chose the best frame out of dozens templates.
  • Remove photo background. Click Backlight to illuminate picture background from beneath.
  • Play with tons of photo effects hidden under Filter button to transform your picture in a real masterpiece.

Check the ultimate video guide with indepth overview of PhotoScape photo editing toolset:

#3 PhotoScape Raw Photo Converter

As we mentioned above, PhotoScape works with RAW files. So if you use Canon or Nikon to take pictures, PhotoScape can convert your RAW pics into high-resolution JPEG images, so you can share them with the whole world. See how to convert RAW images into JPG in PhotoScape in the video guide below:

#4 PhotoScape Collage Maker

PhotoScape is definetely of the best photo manipulation software for Windows as it can create photo collages of any kind for free. Go to Page or Combine Tab to explore collage maker options, You can add text to your photo collage, funny photo frame, apply various filters and effects, select any layout out of dozens of predefined collage templates.

Watch how to make photo collage in PhotoScape:

#5 PhotoScape Photo Printing

After uploading photos, editing and satisfying your artist nature, it’s a good time to save your first photo editing project made with PhotoScape. Click Save button and decide whether you want to replace the original photo or preserve it. Go to Print tab if you want to print your image.

Now you know how to edit photos with PhotoScape. Try batch mode, if you need to edit multiple photos at a time and enjoy your photography talent.

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  2. anna

    Hi Annor,

    Thanks for a good question! I think we will make a how-to guide on this topic.

    As for PhotoScape v 3.5, there are several ways to change image background depending on what type of image background improvement you need:
    1) Select an image. Use toolset below image, open Tools tab and use brush to paint unwanted background.
    2) Select an image. Use toolset below image, open Tools tab and use clone stamp tool to copy and replace unwanted background with new correct background.

    Besides, you can try to add Backlight or some PhotoScape v 3.5 effects hidden under Filter button on Home tab to improve your image.

  3. Alkagmagoto

    Great for post. I will keep more interesting publications. Been following blog for four days now and I should say I am beginning to like your post. I need to know how can I subscribe to your blog?

  4. anna

    Alkagmagoto, please use RSS Feed below to subscribe to our blog. Thank you!

  5. kiny

    Several thanks for making it!

  6. thomas

    Thanks for your write-up on this site. From my own experience, occasionally softening right up a photograph may possibly provide the digital photographer with an amount of an artsy flare. Often however, this soft cloud isn’t just what you had in your mind and can frequently spoil a normally good image, especially if you anticipate enlarging the item.

  7. Marian

    Look I must say I like this program … but I do not love it. Why does it make save such a difficult and uncertain process? I never know whether an image has saved or not, nor do I understand why if you are editing a jpg image should you then have to specify which format to save in. I also dislike the interface used for editing. I do macro photography, I am editing to enhance detail so when I can’t edit in full screen mode I find it irritating. I had ACDsee on my old computer but it won’t transfer to the new one and I have long lost the disc for it. Perhaps I am spoilt?

  8. anna

    Dear Friends! I’ve prepared a guide “How to Edit Image Background in PhotoScape” as promised 🙂 Follow the link in the post to learn it. Thanks!

  9. vk

    can i know– why my images are unreadable ??
    i’ve just downloaded this software in windows 7 but the images are not opening ,why so?

  10. anna

    Hi VK,

    Probably, you try to open some file format that PhotoScape cannot read. Try to open a regular .jpeg or .png image to see if PhotoScape works right.

    Thank you,
    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  11. Brea

    Hi i used a PNG photo and edited it, then when i put it over a photo the background turned black, how can i make that black into a color i want?

    1. Diego

      everytime i try downlaoding it takes me to anthoer website and when i tired it your way it took me to a website and is said norton Malicious Web Site Blocked i got mad so i gave up can you help me please porfavor? with a cheery on top?

      1. anna

        Hi Diego,

        You are right, to download PhotoScape you should visit one of the websites: BrotherSoft, Cnet or Softonic.

        I recommend you to download PhotoScape safely from Cnet website from here
        (I’ve downloaded my PhotoScape copy from this link and didn’t get any virus alerts).

        I hope it will help!

        Thank you,

        Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  12. anna

    Hi Brea,

    PhotoScape offers several ways to change background color. Here’s a short video tutorial that teaches to change colors

    Here are the steps:
    1. Open the “Editor” tab in PhotoScape;
    2. in the lower toolbar menu find the “Bright, Color” button;
    3. select the change you want to do, click on the arrow sign on the “Bright, Color” button;
    4. a list of options will pop up and you can try to alter color balance, saturation or colorize your image.

    If it does not help, probably, the black color happened due to problems with PhotoScape functioning, so try to contact PhotoScape developers at This email address is provided at PhotoScape website

    Thank you,

    Editor at Photo Software & Design Blog

  13. Gamma

    I’ve been using Photoscape for about a year and I never had any problems until now. I use Nikon D3100 camera to take photos. When I tried to edit photos that came from this camera, Photoscape gives me message “Files doesn’t exist or is unreadable”. When I try to open any other Nikon image that I’ve already edited in Lightroom 3, Photoscape opens it without problems. The same is with pictures from internet or any other source – no problem opening them. I know that my memory card is ok and files are not broken. What could be the problem?
    Thank you already!


  14. anna

    Hi Elza,

    Let’s see what’s wrong with your PhotoScape. I have an idea that may explain your case.

    Your Nikon D3100 camera may produce images in RAW format that PhotoScape cannot read. Adobe Lightroom usually reads RAW files without any problems. Since other images from the Internet are normally jpegs, pngs, bmp or gifs – so to say well-known formats, PhotoScape can read them. That’s why you can easily edit pics from the Internet but cannot open your Nikon images.

    If it’s true, then you should save your images in JPEG format for editing in PhotoScape.

    Here’s a short post on the difference between Nikon RAW images and Jpeg. Besides, it teaches how to switch to standard jpeg images for your Nikon camera

    I this will help.

    Thank you,

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

    1. Gamma

      I’m very thankful for your answer!
      Unfortunately, I checked the formats and it’s still .jpg for images taken with Nikon. Maybe there’s a problem with my settings, and miracle will happen 🙂

      But great blog, keep up the good work!

      1. Gamma

        And miracle happened!
        For those who has the same problem – the solution is really simple. Just locate the pictures to another folder and whoalaa – everything works 🙂
        Don’t know why photoscape has started to do tricks like these not knowing where the picture is, but who knew it would be this simple?

  15. anna

    Hi Elza,

    Thanks a lot for the update! I’m sure it will be useful to know for all Nikon and PhotoScape owners.

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  16. divya

    i can’t do it am getting a lot difficulty

    1. anna

      Hi divya,

      PhotoScape has may tutorials, so you can watch these educational videos and then start editing.

      You can find all PhotoScape video guides here

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

    2. Kiran

      when i download the 3.5 vorsien of , and i already installed it, when i open it theres a message that pops out and says This application has disastrous to start because the application configuration is inexact. what should i do? i really need to edit at . i like

  17. Rob H

    How do I create a template? I want to create an image file…but also save it in a format so I can bring it back up and change the font or colors…like a .psd format or something.

  18. nati pellegrino

    como se ace un cubo

  19. Andy

    Hey . I want To ask You something . I want to edit a “girl” into a photo of a “boy” like add something at the girl nose like a mustache . but how ?

  20. anna

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks a lot for your question. I think we’ll make a separate post on this topic, because it’s hard to answer it quickly.

    So please follow our blog and stay tuned.

    Thank you,

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  21. Maria

    I would like to ask why when i try to open Photoscape all i get is “file does not exist or is unreadable”. I’ve recently installed windows 8. Is that why it doesnt work? All my files are jpeg. Could you help me?
    Thank you!

    1. anna

      Hi Maria,

      Probably, PhotoScape isn’t optimized for Windows 8 yet.

      Anyway, make sure you have the newest version of PhotoScape. If not, update it from the official website mentioned above.

      After the update try to open a regular .jpeg or .png image to see if PhotoScape works right.

      Thank you,
      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  22. Alicia

    Hi there,

    My files became unreadable after I transferred the photos using MacBook Air. Is there any problem? Please help because it is urgent. Thanks!

    1. anna

      Hi Alicia,

      Seems strange. If your files are of one of supported formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG and others than file transfer shouldn’t affect processing.

      I recommend install the latest version of PhotoScape and try again.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  23. Pau

    Hi! I have a problem, i have photos that cannot be opened even in .jpg form. :'( i’m trying to do an animated .gif, so i converted a video and extracted it. it shows an error message “file does not exist or unreadable” i dunno what to do. i tried re-installing and updating photoscape. this has never happened before. Help meee :”( thank you so much! 🙂

    1. anna

      Hi Pau,

      As far as I know PhotoScape processes JPEG pictures taken by camera perfectly. But since you say that you extracted your photos from video, the file might look like JPEG (or even have .jpg extension), but notb be a real JPEG.

      I advise you to try open regular JPEG photos taken by your camera in PhotoScape. If PhotoScape opens such pictures without any problems, then the nature of the “file does not exist or unreadable” error is in the photo extraction.

      I hope it helps.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

      1. jchoi

        I have a same problem.. all my photos are in regular jpg or jpeg but still shows the same message “file does not exist or unreadable”… any idea??

        1. anna


          I recommend to remove Photoscape completely via Add/Remove Programs and delete it from C drive. Restart PC and then install the latest version of Photoscape from official website listed in the post. It may help to resolve the problem.

          Thank you,

  24. Jordan

    I use photoscape to add annotations (lines, numbers, etc.) to my photos. Is there a way to edit the annotations once the photo is saved? I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

    1. anna

      Hi Jordan,

      There is no way to change an annotation if the photo is saved. You can do changes only before saving.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  25. Mustafa


    I’ve just installed photoscape to my pc , I edit one picture however later on I tried to edit again but the program could not see my pictures on my Pc, I have hunderds of pictures with different formats Jpeg and so on but It does’nt see them it says File does not exist or is unreadable. I unistalled the programme and re install but problem still happens, could you please help me ?
    Thnaks Mustafa

    1. anna


      Can you open your files with another photo editor, for example Microsoft Paint?


      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

      1. Jatin

        Hey Anna I Am Having the same problem It does’nt see them it says File does not exist or is unreadable and yes i can open it with others like photoshop, paint

        1. anna


          It seems quite strange. I recommend to remove Photoscape completely via Add/Remove Programs and delete it from C drive. Restart PC and then install the latest version of Photoscape from official website listed in the post. It may help to resolve the problem.

          Thank you,

          1. Mahmut

            i have also same problem. But there is strange thing is i have portable photoscape in my corsair 32GB usb disk for use photoscape in work, i can handle and open all graphics with portable one at work but, also i have a normal pc version 365 in my notebook at my home, i can not open same graphics with that in my home…!?!

        2. Aizen

          I had the same problem and source of the problem is directory name. If the location/directory has a special character/symbol that Photoscape can’t read, then it won’t any file in that directory.

          1. Tina

            That was my issue, too. The directory had a Ş in it. I changed it to just S and it opened just fine.

  26. Paul DeLucchi

    Just started using PhotoScape — mostly very pleased but puzzled that I can’t zoom down very close in for touchups. Seems to be a limit to the “plus” magnifying glass, and I need to get closer than that to clean up little specks and scratches. I work with a lot of very old photographs. Am I missing something or is that just a limit to this app?

  27. Madeleine Johansson

    Hey, I have photoscape and I edit some pictures today. First they were in the map and they edit worked. But then out of nowhere they were back to the original again. What happened? :O

    1. anna

      It seems really strange. I recommend to remove PhotoScape from Windows > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. And then install the software from the scratch.

      Anna, Photo Software & Design Blog Team

  28. Tom Haines

    I’ve been using photoscape for a few years to process my photo’s without any problems. Now when I try to access my photo’s using “editor”, the files don’t open and transfer for processing. They all are listed on the left, but clicking on them doesn’t do anything. They do still appear on “batch editor”, etc.
    Any suggestions ???

    1. anna

      Hi Tom,

      Try to download & install the program again. It might help!


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