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Sometimes it happens. Something has caught your eye on the web page. Some line, some interesting phrase, some intricate detail among a lot of letters that you need to remember. You bookmark the page and after a while you will waste time on scanning the text for this detail! In real life, people use highlighters. Why not apply this principle to web pages as well?

I will start with two questions: by what means can we highlight the text written by others and how shall we do it?


Let me introduce AwesomeHighlighter a free online application that will help you highlight any text that you think deserves to be marked and saved for further studying.

Mark texts directly on the web pages online


This very simple tool will help you make the most important information bright. Everything is really easy!

Select mark colors and add notes on the web pages

  • Just go to the main page and enter the link of the necessary page in the dedicated box.
  • The selected page will open.
  • Use your mouse to mark the text. A funny yellow felt pen icon will show up. There are four colors that you can use. You can find them in the right upper corner.
  • You can also add notes to the highlighted phrases. You can stick these notes for your own goals or leave the messages with your comments for your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  • Then click the Done button on the top.

If you think that is all, you are a bit mistaken because AwesomeHighlighter offers some more useful features. For example, you can send the highlighted page via email, share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or copy the page to clipboard.

Additional features to save the highlighted web page texts

Please, pay attention to the short link that is generated after you click the Done button. You can also send it via instant messagengers or in an email.

Fly in the Ointment

  • The link Your highlighted pages seems to have errors because no page list pops up. I thought I could improve the situation if I registered with the app but no wonder happened.
  • AwesomeHighlighter can be installed as an add-on in Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers in order you could use it right on the spot. Somehow the installation process on my laptop failed. I still was not upset about this fact. Here is the link to the AwesomeHighlighter add-on installation guide, anyway.


I will copy the AwesomeHighlighter arguments since they answer the title question precisely:

  • To show others the important part of an article;
  • Reduce confusion about a sent link;
  • Save time for the reader;
  • Save the parts of the pages you find interesting.

I have also found similar online tools which are:

  • Markkit
  • Highlighter in Mozilla Add-ons store.

To sum up. In spite of the disadvantages mentioned above, AwesomeHighlighter is easy to use and I will surely apply it in my everyday editorial work.

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