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Google Chrome is a top web browser on all devices: Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone. We work, study, chat and play in Chrome. When we study or work with lots of online content such as text, essays, research PDF papers, online documents and free online books, some part of text like citation, facts or data tables might caught your eye on the web page. Some line, some interesting phrase, some intricate detail among a lot of letters that you need to remember. You can highlight this text on the webpage and after a while you can return to it  without wasting time on scanning the text for this detail! In real life, people use highlighters. Why not install a good Google Chrome highlighter app for web pages as well?

To highlight important content on a webpage or online PDF, there’s a free Google Chrome digital highlighter tool called Weava Highlighter from Below I will show you:

  • how you can highlight the text online written by others
  • how to add notes to your favorite text
  • how to save web clippings and bookmark pages with Weava
  • how share the part of content that you like

So let’s not waste your time and explore wonderful utility for both home, work and education!

What’s Weava PDF Highlighter?

Weava Highlighter Free Google Chrome App

Let me introduce Weava Highlighter, a free online PDF highlighter Chrome application that will help you highlight any text that you think deserves to be marked and saved for further studying. Weava is totally free app, available for Google Chrome. Install the app in your browser on any gadget. There are no limits for the number of devices. Create a free Weava account (no credit card required) and use your Chrome account to sync your web clippings between all your devices. For example, start highlighting a web page text on Windows 10 computer and continue to read and underline significant words on Android phone or iPhone. And get all data from your smartphone when you return home on your laptop. No crucial ideas get lost with Weava app!

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Weava Highlighter for Chome tool helps to memorize critical information and organize it. Weava lets you to add notes after you highlight text online and save your notes in folders and subfolders. You are free to choose how to organize the folders:

  • by dates like: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, etc;
  • by categories, for example: home, work, studies
  • by activity like: business, hobby, fun
  • or any other way that you need

Weava Highlighter offer also enables you to upload PDF files from your PC or mobile phone and to store in Weava account. But this will eat your free 100MB Weava storage and you might need to upgrade to $3.99 per month premium account sooner or later. Besides, Weava has 2 paid features: ability to collaborate in a shared folder and make APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard-compliant citations right from Weava interface. Still, you can use Weava free of charge if you only need to highlight text on webpage and leava notes for your online bookmarks.

Not convinced yet? Watch why you should install and use Weava Highlighter now!

How to Highlight Words on a Web Page in Google Chrome or PDF Document?

How to highlight words on webpage in Google Chrome or PDF document online

This very simple tool will help you make the most important information bright. Everything is really easy! Here’s how to highlight words on webpage in Google Chrome or PDF document with Weava app:

  • Visit Google Chrome Store, download and install Weava Highlighter app in your Chrome browser;
  • Create a free Weava account, it takes about 20 seconds;
  • Weava app will start automatically;
  • Go to the webpage you read and highlight some words with your mouse there;
  • Weava will offer you to select color for highlighting and a folder to save your note. There are 5 colors to choose from.
  • You can also add notes to the highlighted phrases, if you click on a highlighted words. You can stick these notes for your own goals or leave the messages with your comments for your friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  • All highlightings are saved automatically.

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If you think that is all, you are a bit mistaken because Weava offers some more useful features. For example, you can organize the highlighted pages into folders, or access Weava app from your right-click context menu in Chrome, or export your highlighted notes in .docx, .xlsx, .csv, .txt files.

How to add highlighted text into folders in Weava app

Please, watch video tutorial on how to highlight online PDF document with Weava Highlighter Chrome Extension below:

How to Share Highlighted Words from Google Chrome Webpage as a Link for FREE!

Share highlighted text on webpage in Google Chrome for free

Weava Highlighter offers sharing features only in the paid premium plan. But how can you share highlighted words from Google Chrome webpage for free? Use a new free Google Chrome feature! Now Google Chrome allows you to share highlighted text as a link, so your colleague or friend can read the exact part of a post instead of scanning the whole text! Here’s how to share highlighted words from an online page as a link in Google Chrome free:

  1. Highlight any words on a webpage in Google Chrome which you want to share with someone;
  2. Click the right mouse and use the context menu called “Copy the link to highlight”;
  3. Now paste the link in your email or chat and send it;
  4. When someone clicks on the shared link, then he/she will go to the highlighted words on the webpage.

Sounds great? Surely, this Google Chrome trick is hardly can replace all Weava paid sharing features, but it’s a useful workaround for those who want to use Weava Highlighter for free.

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Weava Highlighter Final Review

Weava Highlighter Advantages:

  • Save time to show only the important part of an article
  • Reduce confusion about a sent link, if you add notes when share a web link
  • Works fast and automatically saves all highlights and notes
  • Highlights even long PDF files
  • Many free features

Weava Highlighter Disadvantages:

  • Paid sharing options
  • Highlighter is good for only Chrome (no Mozilla or Safari support)

To sum up, in spite of the disadvantages mentioned above, Weava Highlighter is easy to use and I will surely apply it in my everyday editorial work.

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