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Money making is the main purpose for any business. To boost earnings, you should attract as more potential customers as possible. Let’s learn to make a winning registration page or a purchase page with a high conversion rate. The page has several names: registration, purchase page, pricing plans. But the meaning is one – to offer few price options and a correct call-to action. It’s the final page that persuades visitors to pay you now.

Look at 10 principles of a high conversion registration page:

  1. Give up to 3 options or pricing plans at a registration page. It’s hard to make a choice between too many options. Be concise! Offer maximum 3 pricing options that are easy to evaluate fast.
  2. Provide a distinct description for each pricing option. It’s time to cut waffle and go to checkout.
  3. Add a picture or a video for explanation or a product overview. Sometimes one picture can substitute two Word pages.
  4. Make a clear call-to action button: Sing-up, Buy, Register, Subscribe or Download Now. A user should instantly understand what the next action is.
  5. Mention customer’s bonuses and rewards such as free delivery or free support.
  6. Mention payment options (wire transfer or PayPal), delivery region or working hours/business days for a local business. Otherwise, you may miss an order at 2 a.m. Saturday night or a call from Alaska.
  7. Prove your web project reliability. Place well-known awards, security signs (like VeriSign or MasterCard Secure sign), quantity of Facebook “Likes” or “Tweets”.
  8. Don’t ask for excessive details in a registration form if you can do without them. For example, don’t request phone number, if the primary communication source is email.
  9. Add refund policy link. Make sure your customer knows how to return money. It will increase your reliability score.
  10. Don’t cheat users with newsletter spam subscription. No one likes spam. It’s true.


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