How to Put Fantastic Cartoon and Anime Characters on Your Photos

I love watching cartoons. Cartoons are a fragile bridge between childhood and adulthood. Undoubtedly grown-ups enjoy cartoons as much as small children and teenagers. What can make your son or daughter more happy than a photo with one of so adorable cartoon characters Shrek, Garfield, Harry Porter, Rapunzel or Cars at the background? This kind of a present is precious for lifetime no matter how old you are.

So I have surfed on the Internet for hours before I could find out how to create my son’s photo with Happy Porter. There are desktop photo editing applications that allow you to edit pics. In this case you need to download the program on your computer and study its features and settings and then search for a right cartoon background where you can put your photo. But it’s more complicated task that I was ready for.

I have come across many online resources with pictures of Disney cartoon heroes for all tastes starting from Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Pooh Bear up to Lilo and Stitch, Ratatouille, etc. However a third party photo editor is needed to combine an image with my son’s photo. Actually I was short of time and my aim was an ingenuously simple web application that could save my time and efforts. As you already know, there are many online editors that can put your face photo on a magazine cover, so I continued to look for something like that.

To my surprise I have found 5 similar web applications that have plenty of photo frames for kids. All of them have amusing patterns with popular cartoon characters.

How to Add a Cartoon Character on Your Picture?

I would like to share my experience with you and give you some useful tips. For example, let’s add movie character Harry Potter to your photo using Face in Hole app.

How to Add Cartoon Character to Photo in Face in Hole app

Please, follow easy instructions to add cartoon/movie character to your photo:

  1. Go to Face in Hole
  2. Search for a scenario (Harry Porter in my case) and click on the one you like
  3. Upload a photo from your PC, webcam or internet. Images should be in JPG, GIF or  PNG format and their size should not exceed 4 MB
  4. Edit brightness, contrast, saturation if necessary
  5. Press the Finish button

And your picture is ready! You can download it and save on your computer or publish it online and share the photo with your friends.

Still have questions? Check full video tutorial for Face in Hole web application:

Finally here is a listing of other web apps that offer fabulous photo frames for kids:

  1. has a nice range of photo frames. You can make photos with Rapuntzel, Simpsons, Cars, Batman, etc. [UPDATE 2021: The website doesn’t work anymore!]Photo Face Fun
  2. Loonapix offers smart photo frames with Cinderella, Ariel, Princess Jasmin for girls; templates with Garfiels, Squirrel from Ice Age, Musketeers stand out for boys.
  3. LoonapixFunny Photo Frames at are destinated to small children mostly. You can select between colourful templates with Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and others.Funny Photo Frames
  4. PhotoFunny impresses with a wide choice of photo frames. Put on your child Panda’s or Shrek’s costume or your daughter can be transformed into a little princess or charming Fiona. Just let your imagination and creativity fly!PhotoFunny

How to Add an Anime Character to Your Images?

If you or your child is fan of anime cartoons, try PicsArt app that helps to place anime characters to your photo. It can be an anime sticker or anime background. Here’s an example of PicsArt anime library that I used:

PicsArt anime

Here’s how to put anime character to your picture (Windows):

  1. Go to PicsArt and create a free account (no credit card required);
  2. In the “search for free images field” type “anime” and hit the enter button;
  3. Select you favorite anime persona from the given list of images;
  4. Go to the PicsArt editor and upload your photo, find an anime sticker;
  5. Combine your picture with anime stickers and background;
  6. When you’re done, download your picture as JPG, PNG or PDF file.

Don’t hesitate, give a try to PicsArt on your laptop now! If you prefer to use mobile phone iPhone or Android, then watch this video guide showing how to turn your selfie into an anime cartoon character using PicsArt

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    Please help! I want to take a picture of my son and somehow make it look like he is with Winnie the Pooh! I am redoing his room now that he has moved out and his room is now my office/Pooh room. In my other sons room I have redone ,but also left something of his in there ! Thanks soooooooooooooooo much!!!! Gail

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    The services described in the post won’t help you to decorate walls in the room.

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