Screenshots are still images of our computer desktop, a program interface, an online game or mobile device windows. Last time we showed you the ways how to take screenshots on Windows 7, now we’ll explain how to make screenshots on Apple iOS device without any additional apps. If you have an iPad (any model), iPod Touch, or iPhone, this guide is for you.

For the majority of users the “PrtScn” button is the key button for making screenshots on Windows OS, and the standard combination of the “Home” button and the “Power (ON/OFF)” button – is the magic elixir in case of iOS gadget.

Here’s what you should do to take a screenshot on iPad, iPod or iPhone:

  1. Launch the app you want to make a screenshot of;
  2. Press  2 buttons “Home” & the “Power (ON/OFF)” together;
  3. To see the saved screenshot, go to the Photo Gallery (the app which stores all your photos on iPad/iPhone).
  4. Export the screenshot, tap the photo and click on the “Arrow” sign and select one of the options: copy to clipboard, email a photo, send iMessage, set as a wallpaper.

Watch a video tutorial that describes how to apply these steps in action:


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