Merge Photos
Merge Photos

Merging photos is a very demanded feature that every common photo editor must have no matter whether it is a desktop photo editor or a web-based application. At the same time there are specially designed tools for joining pictures together (,, etc. ) This feature is especially useful for those who want to organize photos taken in a quick photo session or to add an object with a similar background.

In some photo editors merging pictures is included in the effects tab (Lunapic), others offer a more round-about way to blend pictures (MS Paint, Photoscape).

We’ll observe how to combine photos in MS Paint. It is convenient to make edits with this program because it is inbuilt in the Windows system. Thus you don’t have to surf the Internet looking for a suitable photo editing application. Moreover it is freeware and easy to use.

Here are 5 easy steps showing how to merge images with MS Paint:

  1.  Open an image, put the cursor on the bottom-right corner and drag the mouse down and to the right to make the working area larger. In this case you will have enough space for placing a second image on the background.Open Image
  2. Add another photo by clicking on the the icon “Paste from”. It is in the upper left corner of the Home ribbon.Open 2nd Image
  3. Select an image to be merged and open it in the work space. It may hide the first image so that it looks like that there is nothing beneath it. Don’t be afraid the first photo hasn’t disappeared but it is covered with the layer of the second one.Merging Photos in Paint
  4. Click on the second image and drag it holding the mouse tightly to the desired position. Photos can be aligned horizontally or vertically if necessary.Save Merged Photos
  5. Save the result clicking on the button ”Save as”.

If you are still at a loss how to merge photos, you are welcome. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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