How to Overlay Two Images in PhotoScape (Guide)

PhotoScapePhotoScape is probably #1 ranked free photo editor. Although, it’s often recommended for basic photo editing, PhotoScape hides lots of useful features for advanced photo enhancement. Previously, we reviewed its solutions for changing photo background, today we will explain how to place one image above another one or speaking more professionally “how to overlay two images” in PhotoScape.

Before we go deeper to the step by step guide, let’s clarify why image overlaying technique might be necessary. Here are 3 quick answers straight away:

  • to protect photos with transparent watermarks or personal logos;
  • to change photo background or cover/hide original background;
  • to add photo effects like color distortion (for instance: old/grey/pink photo covers).

Surely, the list of purposes can be easily enlarged. So if you looking for a way to overlay images, PhotoScape can be your best help and money saver (instead of more complicated Adobe software).

Let’s assume you have 2 usual PNG or JPEG photos. Here is what you should do to overlay two images:

  1. Download PhotoScape and open the “Editor” Tab;
  2. Open the folder with your 2 images using the left navigation menu;
  3. Choose an image you plan to place above and right-click it. Now select the option “Copy to Clipboard”;
  4. Choose the second image that serves as the basis. The image will be shown on the big photo editing area on the right. Now go to the bottom toolbar menu and click on the “Insert Photo” icon.
  5. Then select the option “Paste from Clipboard”. You will see that the first image is pasted over the second one.
  6. Soon a window will appear that enables you to play with opacity. This is the most important step because it let you adjust overlaying image transparency. So set the transparency level as you wish and proceed to image saving.
  7. The final step is image saving. PhotoScape let you replace original photo or create a new one. I suggest making a new photo as you might be not fully satisfied with the result.

I have to mention, you’d better try several times, before you become a PhotoScape guru. Don’t be afraid to play with opacity and image proportions. You can cancel all changes any time with the “Undo” button.

Tired of words? Go to our video tutorial “How to Overlay Two Images in PhotoScape” that you can watch below. Switch to full screen to see all details and good luck with PhotoScape!

Have questions about the guide? We are ready to help you!

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  1. sharon

    thanks so much — you made this so easy — the video really helped since I had no clue where the “insert photo” icon was or what it looked like
    I expect I will be back again

  2. Peter

    Thanks a million… really helped to overlay my profile pic to a mothers day image pic; thanks!

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