How to Save Edited Photos in PhotoScape without Backup Duplicates

Duplicate Folder with Original Images made by PhotoScape

PhotoScape is great free photo editing software that can resize pictures, make photo mosaics, slides, change image backgrounds and perform other advanced image manipulations like pictures overlaying. But PhotoScape editor has one small peculiarity. Every time you save an edited picture, PhotoScape creates an additional folder called “Originals” where it puts the original not-edited image copy (see on the screenshot above). Thus, with each photo editing attempt, the number of image duplicates increases on your computer and you may run out free hard disk space at some point.

The problem of overwhelming image backup’s quantity annoys many PhotoScape users, who regularly edit pictures with this photo editor. It’s especially acute for those who prefer batch photo editing, when there may be hundreds of original image duplicates. Ron, who often edits photos in PhotoScape, asked Photo Software & Design Blog team for help with PhotoScape settings that may ease image saving without extra copies.

How to Change Image Saving Settings in PhotoScape

Here are our recommendations on alerting default settings for PhotoScape users who do not need original images. But remember, if you are not sure in the output image quality or don’t want to lose original photos, you should leave PhotoScape settings intact and should not apply any recommendations below! Please also notice that if you change default settings, PhotoScape will automatically apply new saving settings to all next photo editing attempts.

1. Open PhotoScape and select a photo for editing. This is our original photo that we will use:

original image

2. Edit your image. For instance, I’ll add a photo frame to this pic.

3. Click the “Save” button in the lower right corner.

Editing image in PhotoScape photo editor

4. A new window with default image saving settings will pop up.

Saving edited photos in PhotoScape with Original image duplicates

As you can see, PhotoScape offers you to save photos with an original photos backup if you click the first “Save” button and don’t change any options.

5. Go to the “Options” area and uncheck the first box “Creates a backup of the original photo in the “Originals” folder” and only then click the first “Save” button as on the following screenshot:

Saving Edited images without Backup Folder in PhotoScape

6. PhotoScape will apply new settings to the edited image. It will save only edited images without “Originals” backup folder.

How to Return to Default Image Saving Settings in PhotoScape

PhotoScape will automatically remember your new photo saving preferences and will never save any original photos. So be careful with it!

If you next time need an “Originals” backup folder, then, first of all, check the box “Creates a backup of the original photo in the “Originals” folder” and after it click the first “Save” button. This way you will restore default image saving settings in PhotoScape photo editor.

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  1. David

    Photoscape is default saving as .bmp. How do I change it back to .jpg?


  2. FACE

    Question: Can I assume that the original photo (let’s say, one that resides somewhere on my computer – in the Pictures Folder, e.g.) remains safe in that folder….even after I make any changes in Photoscape, and then “save”?
    And where exactly is the newly edited phioto being stored, once it’s saved? ~ Thanx! EFK

  3. Alan

    What ever I do Photoscape X just tells me it failed to save what to do?

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