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tips for great photographs

Soon many of us will open summer traveling season and take photographs that fill family albums. Nowadays there are so many cameras for any taste: simple phone cameras, more complicated consumer cameras, professional cameras with lenses, etc. It even seems strange to hear the question: how to shoot great photos? But if you surf any public photo sharing website, you will understand that high quality equipment is only a half of success, another half is photographer’s skills and imagination. Today we will observe 5 key tips that help you create perfect vacation pictures, so you can boast of them among your friends.

1. Look at your camera manual before the vacation


It’s a great idea to skim your camera manual and read about basic photo shooting options it has. Usually, modern cameras have a universal auto-mode that can take pictures in a sunny, cloudy or a rainy day, inside or outside a building. If you don’t want to mess with manuals, just stick to this mode and the camera will do all the job automatically for you.

However, if you prefer to get better images of sights, make portraits, sea pictures or shoot landscapes, you should examine special camera modes. Besides, an average consumer camera can hardly take good quality pictures at night. Most of the cameras of this kind lack a decent flash and your photos may be blurry. So if you plan to photograph night life, think about a pro photo camera.

2. Good light matters

photo light

Don’t take pictures when the sun shines directly into your camera or it is above people heads. The images will be too light or too dark. Always turn on flash if it’s cloudy, rainy or you photograph inside a house. Yes, there are ways to lighten dark photos, but it’s much easier to change photo layout or ask your friends to move a bit.

3. Focus on something

photo focus

Probably we all have pictures where a photographer wanted to shoot everything at a time: a family, a landscape, a building or a mountain. As a result the picture contains a half of the mountain, a part of the landscape and some family members. It’s hard to be proud of these images. Thus, remember you need to focus on just one thing. Try portrait or landscape mode. Take advantage of vertical images and apply zoom to make precise photos.

4. Look straight in the camera

look in the camera

If you take a person’s photo, keep your camera on the level of his/her eyes, this way the person will look straight at you. So you will avoid double chins, wrinkles and baggy skin below the eyes and you won’t have to fix skin imperfections with a photo editor. Don’t be scared to shoot portraits, you can always add photo frames, beautiful backgrounds or photo effects.

5. Watch out a photo background

photo background

It’s easy to edit any photo with a plain background. It’s much harder to improve a complicated image. So turn around and find the best basis for your image as you can. Minor drawbacks can be quickly resolved by changing photo background via Photoscape.

The last but not the least suggestion is to visit camera manufacturer website. Camera manufacturers often host acute information on taking wonderful shots on their websites as they want to provide you the best photo shooting experience with their equipment. For instance, Kodak has prepared top 10 main tips for shooting great photos. There are also advanced guides with more details. However, if you follow the 5 photo shooting rules described above, you will always enjoy your photographs.


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