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iPad touch-screen enables you to view, zoom pictures, make screenshots, flip them and move from one photo to another simply with a finger touch. If you want to transfer photos from PC to iPad, you can use iTunes and cable/cord to connect a Windows computer or a laptop and iPad. Or there is a much easier way to import pictures from computer to iPad wirelessly with the help of Dropbox and here’s our step by step guide about it.

If you somehow don’t want to deal with Dropbox app, here’s a quick alternative tutorial on how to transfer pictures from Windows laptop to iPad with iTunes.

How to Copy Images from Windows 10 Computer to iPad WITH iTunes

iTunes is a free program developed by Apple for Windows and Mac computers that also transfers images to iPad.

Follow 6 steps to export photos from laptop to iPad:

  1. download iTunes software from the Apple website and run it;
  2. plug a cable/cord which you got with iPad into the computer and your iOS device;
  3. grant PC your permission to access iPad folders and enter your iOS PIN code, if necessary;
  4. sync them both following the wizard inside iTunes;
  5. tap a picture to view it on iPad;
  6. remove cables from the computer and iPad.

Watch the video tutorial below showing you how to sync Windows PC and iPad via iTunes to transfer pics from PC to iPad:

Aren’t there too many steps to go for copying several family photos to iPad?

Lots of people thinks so and search for a simpler and more elegant way to copy images from a computer to iPad without bulky iTunes. The best tool I can recommend for transferring photos from PC to iPad is Dropbox.

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How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPad WITHOUT iTunes? Easily – Use Dropbox

How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPad Without iTunes

Dropbox is a free app for Mac, Linux, and Windows computers (as well as netbooks). It stores a copy of your photographs in a cloud server and delivers your files to all devices including iPad, iPhone, Android etc. Dropbox is incredibly simply to use and doesn’t require any advanced configuration, cables or tech skills from your side. All you should have is an Internet access. Dropbox will grant you 2 GB free space to copy your images such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAW, BMP and others. Dropbox isn’t only about file manager app, it’s a free image viewer for iPad (see also the top 10 list of great photo apps for iPad), PDF reader and even text editor.

Here’s a guide how to transfer photos from Windows 10 laptop to iPad with Dropbox:

  1. install Dropbox app on your computer and create a free account. If you already have Dropbox, just proceed to step #2;
  2. drag and drop your photos to Dropbox folder on your PC;
  3. download and launch Dropbox app on your iPad. The Recents folder will open;
  4. Dropbox automatically sends new photos from your computer to your iPad;
  5. open a photo, click the arrow sign in the upper right corner and save the photo to your iPad photo library to see it offline.

You are done. Now all your images from computer are stored on your iPad offline. No need to deal with iTunes, learn how it works and read Mac forums. Just get Dropbox and enjoy your pictures on any device. As you see, photos are transferred to iPad easily and in a hassle-free manner.

or Watch Dropbox video tutorial and learn how to copy images from Windows desktop to iPad:

Seem easy, right? If you still have questions about Dropbox file transfer, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments below! We’re here to help you!

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  1. Timothy

    I have over 5000 photos to get onto my iPad… is there a way to get Dropbox to copy a whole folder at once?

  2. anna

    Hi Timothy,

    You can create a new folder inside Dropbox folder and place your photos there. Then, Dropbox will transfer all folder to iPad.

    But I have to say Dropbox has limits.

    First of all, it’s size. So if you 5000 photos exceeds your free 2 GBs storage space, Dropbox won’t sync them all.

    Besides, many things depend on your Internet connection speed. Once, I was on vacation with pretty slow Internet connection and I wanted to upload about 250 photos to my iPad, so the whole process took about 1.5 hours.

    So it’s not always possible to call file transfer to iPad via Dropbox with “at once” phrase.

    Thank you,

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

    1. Mila


      I followed instructions carefully but not ONE of my pictures went from Dropbox to the Photo Gallery on my iPad. Any possible reason?

      1. anna

        Hi Mila,

        Do you want to transfer photos from Dropbox app on iPad to Photo Gallery on iPad?

        If you want to move photo from Dropbox app on your iPad to Photo Gallery you need:
        1) open a photo in Dropbox app (view it);
        2) on the upper blue Dropbox pannel click “Download” icon (the right icon);
        3) select save to photo gallery.

        I hope it helps.

        Thank you,

        Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  3. chang

    i think that what timothy is asking is “if you can copy all pictures from one folder already sync by dropbox into your ipad” As far as I understand, the method above by clicking the arrow sign in the upper right corner, only aloud you to save ONE pic at a time into your ipad library (ipad photo app)

    I have google / forum search, and so far i have not found a way that lets you save ALL the picture from a dropbox folder into your ipad library…

    hence… faster way from your own pc to your ipad, still is copy your photo into a memory card and just copy / import them with the adapter into your ipad… few bucks extra to spend but TIME SAVER until they enable that on dropbox…


    1. anna

      Hi Chang,

      Thanks a lot for your hint!

      You are right. You can save only one pic at a time from Dropbox iPad app into your iPad photo gallery.

      Unfortunately, Dropbox doesn’t offer a way to select all photos at a time and copy them all to iPad gallery 🙁

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  4. Nia

    How do I transfer a pic to blogspot ?. The blog says insert image but when you go to choose file it is grayed out. My pics are in drop box

    1. anna

      Hi Nia,

      Seems strange. Maybe the image wasn’t transferred completely by Dropbox onto your device. That’s why it’s not available for uploading to your blogspot.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  5. Jane

    Why won’t dropbox let you save a video file to your IPAD.
    No Save Video option that I can find. Have to email video to myself, then save it to photo gallery on IPAD. Can only do this with small videos due to email

    1. anna

      Hi Jane,

      To save video from Dropbox to your iPad video gallery, you need to copy a video file from Dropbox onto your iPad being online.

      If you have no Internet access, your video won’t be copied to iPad from Dropbox.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  6. Kate

    When I select a photo from drop box and click on the button to export photo to iPad Photos, it takes a few minutes to export it but then a box appears that says the export failed. What should I do?

    1. anna

      Hi Kate,

      First of all, while you are transferring photos make sure your are connected to the Internet.
      Once I was transferring photos from my Dropbox to iPad, I’ve got anerror message due to lack of the Internet access.

      Secondly, make sure you have enough free space for your photos on your iPad.

      Also check if you have the latest Dropbox app version on your iPad. Visit AppStore app on your iPad and see Updates section. If you see Dropbox update there, don’t hesitate to update it.

      I hope it helps,
      Thank you,


      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  7. Kevin

    Very fast at what it does – but a few things it just doesn’t seem to do that I’d expect it would. So it puts pictures up on Dropbox on iPad fine, but when I try to transfer them to the camera roll, I have to do them all individually. And though the vids look good and play wel, I can’t move them to anywhere else on iPad.

  8. betsynia

    Can study additional about cookie policy in Privacy Statement?

    1. anna

      Hi Betsynia,

      Do you wonder about Dropbox cookie policy? Yes, Dropbox uses cookies and you can learn about use of cookies in Dropbox here
      We understand that security and privacy of your personal images are crucially important before transfering any files using Dropbox service.
      We hope you’ll find all answers related to cookies in the Dropbox link above.

      Thank you,
      Anna, Photo Software & Design Blog team

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