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Do you know that you can turn your images into animated videos, create slideshows with music, resize and edit photos using free Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10? Yes, you have this app already installed on your PC! Just add your pictures and edit, convert pics into videos with 3D effects, even with sounds! We’ll show you how below. Read our fresh Microsoft Photos 2022 tutorial!

What is Microsoft Photos?

How to start Microsoft Photos on Windows 10

Microsoft Photo is a free image editing software preinstalled on every Windows 10 & 11 PC, so you don’t have to install it from Microsoft Store. Is it any good? Yes, we think so! Microsoft Photos app is the successor of popular Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Windows 7. With the app you can do 4 complicated multimedia tasks easily and free:

  1. organize your photos
  2. edit your images
  3. compare pictures
  4. and even make and edit videos with music

There are 3 best ways how to launch Microsoft Photos app on your computer:

  1. Press Windows button on your keyboard and select Photos from the apps list as on the screenshot above
  2. ask Cortana to launch MS Photos app for you
  3. Type Microsoft Photos in the search bar box on your Windows 10 and click the Photos app from the search results.

All edited images are stored in OneDrivie > Pictures folder. If you use OneDrive to sync and backup your photos online, you can access your edited pics at any time on any device (a laptop, a tablet or a phone). Your images won’t get lost.

Watch quick Windows 10 Photos app review showing you its best features in action:

Window 10 Photos apps took after the best features of Microsoft Picture Manager. At Edit & Create > Draw tab you can add text to your pictures to annotate them or watermark with your own text signature or even add logo to photos. The freeware can rotate, resize and crop images easily and fast. You can find Crop option at the top of the program. The freeware can shrink pictures for any purpose like: to send by email, to prepare for upload or attachment, or to make ready for printing. Look for reduce file size option under 3 dots at the top right corner > Resize.

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How to Edit Photos in Windows 11?

Microsoft Photos Filters

Unlike Microsoft Paint, the Windows 11 app includes solid tool kit for picture manipulation. At Edit & Create > Edit tab you can:

  • add 15 filters to your photos
  • turn colorful images into retro black and white photos (apply Vanilla filter to your pic)
  • automatically enhance your image quality with magic wand tool in Filters
  • edit Light (Adjustments > Light). Edit pic contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows
  • fine-tune Color (Adjustments > Color). Adjust image tint, warmth
  • remove red eyes from your photos
  • blur your image background with options Adjustments > Clarity and Adjustments > Vignette
  • use Spot fix to remove skin imperfections such as wrinkles, acne, freckles, dark circles under the eyes or tattoos

How to Edit Video with Music in MS Photos?

Microsoft Photos Video Editor

Do you still miss old good free Microsoft Movie Maker? If yes, then you’ll definitely enjoy video editing features. In Windows 10 Microsoft Live Movie Maker isn’t available anymore and Microsoft moved all Movie Maker features to MS Photos, see official announcement here. We aren’t video editing blog, so we won’t focus a lot on video making tools. But we tested and liked most of all is the ability to make video slideshow out of your personal photos with music. Unlike Freemake slideshow, Microsoft empowers you with a list of audio tracks from its inbuilt library and you just need to select photos from your collection to mix into a slideshow and turn it into an MP4 video file.

Here’s how to make a video slides with music in Microsoft Photos:

  1. Start Microsoft Photos
  2. Select an image for your slideshow
  3. Click Edit & Create > Create a video with music
  4. Add a title for your video slideshow
  5. Click Add button to add more pictures into Project library
  6. Click Background music to add a soundtrack from Microsoft music library
  7. Or click Custom audio to upload your own song
  8. Additionally you can add title card, text, motion, filters or 3D effects
  9. Press Finish video when you’re done and save your final slideshow video with music

If you ever worked with Microsoft Movie Maker, you’ll quickly make a video. The workflow is similar to Windows Movie Maker.

Watch video tutorial on how to add music to video in Windows 11:

How to Open HEIC Files (from iPhone, iPad) on Windows 11 & 10?

As the predecessor, the new Photos app works with many image formats including regular JPEG, BMP, PNG and rare RAW images. However, users often complain that image viewer doesn’t not open HEIC files from iPhone, iPad. Please note that to manage HEIC images, you need to install an additional paid extension addon from Microsoft Store. Check the settings and turn on this option as on the screenshot below, if you shoot RAW photos.

Microsoft Photos Settings for RAW images

How to Add 3D Effects to Your Photos in Windows 11 Photos?

Microsoft Photos 3D Effects

Under Create & Edit > Add 3D effects tab is hidden a creative option to add 3D effects from Microsoft library. Your average photo will change into an animated video with artistic effect. Frankly speaking, we expected that such creative images might be saved as GIF, but we were totally wrong. The software allows you to save pictures with 3D animation only as MP4 short video files.

Let’s see how to add 3D effects to your pics in Microsoft Photos easily:

  1. Open Microsoft Photos
  2. Choose an image where you want to add 3D effect
  3. Click Create & Edit > Add 3D effects
  4. Pick an effect with music and motion from Effects tab
  5. Pick a still 3D object from 3D library
  6. Press Save a copy when you’re ready

Click the image to watch web story below & learn how to add 3D effects:

Isn’t it as simple as can be? By the way, what’s your favorite feature? What do you like most of all? Tell us in comments below!

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