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Photo amateurs and professional photographers have tons of files. To keep all your images safe and sound, we recommend to use free online backup services named Phootime which promises even to back up RAW files.

As we know RAW files are really heavy, but are indispensable for professionals. That’s why Phootime seems to be an alluring  way to save original RAW images to avoid PC crash and heart-breaking photo loss.

Please note: if you deleted some images by chance from your PC hard drive, see our review and learn how to restore erased photos with Recuva!

How to start using Phootime

Phootime is an online backup service with several useful additional options that we are going describe later in this post. Here’ s what Phootime account looks like when it’s empty:

Phootime Online Account
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The service is free to use, but with several strings attached. For example, if you run a free account and want to download images that you store online, you’ll see an alert like this:

To initiate a transfer of backup files, you are charged a retrieval fee at $0.5 per gigabyte. Phootime will compress all your original files into several large archives after you make payment successfully. When it’s ready, we’ll email you the download links.

Free Phootime plan allows you to upload up to 100 photos per month, max. 5MB each. Phootime supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and RAW pictures. The most expensive plan will cost $5 per month and you’ll enjoy unlimited RAW files backup, online photo portfolio, import from Flickr, etc.

Account setup is pretty easy. You can log in via Facebook or Twitter account and start using Phootime. However, account settings isn’t so simple to find. I had to click “Add a Camera” link to get to account customization options. Here they are:

Phootime Acccount Settings and Options
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In fact, you can customize practically everything: make a public profile, publish your photo portfolio, share a link to it with your friends and clients, add an author bio, write descriptions to photos, adjust your account design, count the number of photo views, follow other Phootime members, etc.

How to backup RAW files in Phootime

When you log in your account, click the main blue button “Add some” and upload your photos. This is a way to backup JPGs, PNG and GIF pics. If you want to backup online RAW photo files, use the “Backup RAW” button in the right upper corner (see the screenshot above). Such separation might look strange at firts. So don’t get lost at your account!

How to make online photo portfolio at Phootime

One more advanced option to explore is creation of online photo portfolio. For many photographers it won’t replace favorite Flickr. But if you love to shoot photos and don’t have an online showroom to boast of your pictures, Phootime can be your best help.

Phootime Online Portfolio Options
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To make an online portfolio in Phootime, go to account settings (see how to do it above) and scroll down to “Portfolio” tab. Fine-tune your preferences background color and logo and click the “Save changes” button. Remember, you’ll need to return to “Appearance” tab and set your “Portfolio” tab as a homepage (by default, viewers will see your photo stream).

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