The success of any website wether it is a blog, a sales-oriented internet online shop, a photo sharing website or an online business catalogue depends on a lot of factors. The key aces are interesting unique content, clear website layout, fast and easy navigation and others.

An attractive web design doesn’t play the last role in the process. Sometimes one look is enough for a visitor to close a website immediately and never return again. The prevailing color combination of your website design impacts on visitors’ behaviour significantly. Instead of attracting visitors and calling them to action a wrong website color gamma provokes such negative feelings as anger, sadness, boredom, pensiveness and others.

Thus before creating an online resource of your own it’s recommended to check Plutchick’s Emotional Wheel. In fact websites should cultivate anticipation, trust and loyalty. If you can evoke all the three emotions in online audience you will be able to boost sales, decrease bounce rates and build a prospering business. A combination of anticipation and trust helps to create a strong desire for your product or a service. A mix of trust and joy cultivates customers’ loyalty.

Check out the infographics below. Undoubtedly it will help you improve web design and keep an engaged and loyal audience.

And what colours dominate on your blog? Do you agree that color influences on customers’ reaction? We are in great anticipation of your success stories or you may share your point of view on this matter with us.

How Website Color Design Affects Your Customers [Infographics]

Here you can find this infographic in bigger size.

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