Image Editing with Splashup (Tutorial for Beginners)

Splashup is a free online photo editor, which has lots of advanced picture editing features such as layers, brushes, filters, canvas, etc.  Unlike other online photo editors created for fun photo editing such as Picnik, Pixlr-o-Matic or PhotoMania, Splashup is considered to be a photo editor for professionals. But…

…There is also Splashup Light for home users which won’t be reviewed in this post. Today, we’ll show you how to use basic picture editing tools in Splashup.

How to Start Image Editing in Splashup?

Go to and launch the web application. Please keep in mind, Splashup requires Adobe Flash support, so it doesn’t work on mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and certain Android gadgets.

When the application is loaded, you can edit your ready picture or create a new image. If you plan to edit your picture, then upload the image t0 Splashup this way:

  • Go to File > Open Image (the second option in the menu after New Image);
  • In the popup window, select you image upload source: desktop (first tab), Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, Photobucket or a dedicated image link;
  • Let’s say, you want to upload a pic from your PC desktop, then click the Upload button and choose a file (as shown on the screenshot below).

Select a pic in Splashup

I have to confess, image upload in Splashup works badly. It took me 5 attempts to successfully upload the picture. All my previous efforts with Splashup uploader have failed. Maybe you’ll be luckier.

How to resize image in Splashup?

After you’ve added a photo file, you can make it smaller or bigger, so resize it with Splashup as you need. Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to Image> Image Size;
  • In the popup window, mark Constrain – this will help you save image proportions correctly;
  • Then select image size in pixels in the drop-down list;
  • Click the Ok button when you’re done and view the resized picture.
  • To save the picture, go to File> Save Image.

Resize images with Splashup

I have no complains about image resizing in Splashup. The picture was shrinked right and didn’t lose its quality.

How to rotate picture in Splashup?

As with resizing, first of all you should add a photo to Splashup in order to rotate it. After that:

  • Click on the Rotate button (4 arrows one by one on the upper image editing toolbox);
  • A small sign will spring up in the left corner of  your image (if Splashup works correctly);
  • Hold the arrow with your mouse and drag it as you want;
  • Above the image, you should see 2 buttons Apply Rotate and Cancel;
  • Click the Apply button and view the resized picture.
  • To save the picture, go to File> Save Image.

Rotate images in Splashup

Besides, you can flip image horizontally or vertically. But, rotation here isn’t a piece of cake, so I advice you to use GIMP as an alternative to Splashup for rotation and resizing because GIMP does it much easier.

Moreover, if you plan to add transparent background or remove background via Splashup, we recommend you reading our PhotoScape tutorial on changing picture backgrounds, once again, due to its simplicity, in comparison to Splashup.

How to work with layers in Splashup?

Splashup is a unique online image editor since it permits you to work with layers like in downloadable software. Usually online image editors don’t have this feature. There is a special Layer tab in the editor. The tab allows you to copy existing layer, create a new layer, delete unwanted layer or set layers order.  Please watch this video guide called “Introduction to Splashup” which shows how to add layers in this app:


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