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Panorama photos are one of the latest trends in digital photography. Panoramic pictures are good for displaying landscapes, sightseeing, monuments, and object covering vast area. Moreover, panoramic images can be both horizontal and vertical, so you can highlight both the beauty of long The United States Capitol and tall The Eiffel Tower. But panoramas are rare in our home art collections, more likely to see them in National Geographic.

Usually after vacations we bring several separate pictures of one place or building. We explain to our friends that we couldn’t shoot it as one pic and ask them to believe that it looks gorgeous as a united monument unit. But there is one free program that can save your friends’ imagination – IrfanView graphics editor and viewer.

What is the Best Panorama Stitching Software?

IrfanView creates high quality panorama from multiple images. That’s why we can easily call IrfanView the best panoramic image software for Windows. The freeware can create horizontal and vertical panoramic images free. Irfan software for Windows stitch images together for free so smoothly so that no one can tell if it’s a true panorama or you put a panoramic picture together out of several split pictures.

IrfanView file viewer is a fine free alternative to authentic panorama photography because original panorama snap is a rather capricious thing. For example, to shoot panoramic photos, you will need expensive equipment and special graphics editing apps. For example, Sony digital camera and Apple smartphones with dedicated image apps for taking panoramic pictures. Besides, often panoramic images require standalone software, like Microsoft Photosynth for viewing/editing these images. These barriers stop authentic panoramic pics from wide-spreading. Thus, it’s much easier to merge ordinary rectangular images into one long panorama picture with IrfanView software. Today we’ll show you how to put a panoramic image together in our step by step guide.

How to Stitch Photos Together into a Panoramic Picture for Free in IrfanView?

Here’s how to merge images in IrfanView and create a panorama from multiple images:

1. Download IrfanView and select several images you plan to merge into a long panoramic picture.

2. Go to the “Image” tab and click “Create Panorama Image” option.

Create Panorama Option in IrfanView

3. Choose a horizontal or vertical panorama image layout you want to make and click the “Add Images” button for adding your pictures. Don’t forget to resize photos, so they have the same proportions and size that later let them look as the integral image.

Choose between horizontal and vertical panorama images

4. Set spacing between images. If you need one image without any breaks, then put zero pixels in this box. If you plan spaces between image pieces, select color for borders between image parts.

5. When you’re done, click the “Create Image” button and you’ll see your panorama image.

6. Go to the “File” and select the “Save as” option and save your panorama image on your computer. It can be JPEG, PNG or other file extensions.

Saving Panorama Image in IrfanView

Look at the screenshot above, the vertical panorama “Cat” image is made of 3 parts with zero spacing. IrfanView has created the vertical panoramic picture so naturally that it’s hard to guess of its real fragmented composition.

Watch the detailed video tutorial showing how to create panorama images in IrfanView:

How to Add Text Over Panoramic Photo in IrfanView?

What else can you do with your panorama image made by IrfanView? For example, you might want to add text watermark in your picture reminding you about the date or the place of snapshot origin.

If you’re iPhone owner, compare two best watermark apps: PhotoMarks vs eZy Watermark!

Add Text Window in IrfanView

Here’s how to add text in IrfanView to your panorama:

  1. Open IrfanView;
  2. Click File > Open > select your new panoramic file;
  3. Go to Edit >Insert Text;
  4. Enter your text in the text box;
  5. Indicate your text font, color, location;
  6. Or press the “Append date” button to apply date to the file from EXIF data automatically;
  7. Click OK and “Save as” buttons to save your edited panoramic file as JPEG, PNG or WebP pic.

Here’s an example how IrfanView added text over my panoramic pic collage:

Panorama with Added Text in IrfanView

Now it’s your turn to try image stitching in IrfanView! What do you think of it?

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