jKiwi App: Free Virtual HairStyle and Makeup Changer for Men & Women [Windows & Linux]

Beauty is an incredible weapon, developers from jkiwi.com know it for sure. A right haircut makes us self-confident. When we go to a hairdresser to change hairstyle, we may feel uncertainty. A new haircut is a long-term investment in appearance. If it doesn’t go well, you may feel ill at ease and less self-assured. Did you ever dream to change your look or try new haircut, but uncertainty in successful outcome stopped you from something new? Millions of men and women, boys and girls worldwide dream about virtual hairstyle app that lets you try on latest hair style and new hair color.

What is jKiwi?

jKiwi is a virtual makeover app that helps you try various haircuts, makeup and eye colors. Give a try to jKiwi free desktop software for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) that casts away all doubts. jKiwi graphic app is an open source virtual hair and makeup makeover. The source code of the makeover tool is available at the Download page at the developer’s website. There you may download and install Windows or Linux version. Alternatevely, you may download jKiwi installer for Windows from other websites like Malavida. Sometimes it may require installing Java update as in my case (see the screenshot below).
jKiwi Program Java Update Free Download Process

Here’s a short video showing how jKiwi program works. There’s no speech, so feel free to watch jKiwi video tutorial without sound:

jKiwi hairstyler library is huge for an offline program! There are over 35 hair tints among them ash pearl blond, medium gold cooper, light cocoa brown or exotic blue, violet and green. Besides, you may pick up one of 30 highlights colors for a sophisticated style. With jKiwi application you can put on diverse mascara from the rich palette of blush, eye shadows, lip glosses and toners. jKiwi virtual hair style editor application makes easy and funny personal style change.

One of jKiwi advantages is that all haircut/mascara transitions and applications look very smooth and naturally. It allows you actually to decide whether a style is the right choice for you. I’m sure that you will be surprised by the way you look. jKiwi suggests fresh ideas. It inspires to try the style you would never have on your mind indeed. But if you still want to edit your selfie before trying a new makeover, read our review of Citrify, the application that removes all skin imperfections quickly.

How to Change Hairstyle in jKiwi Virtual Makeover?

jKiwi App Haircut Changer Mode in Software

jKiwi is simple to use. Let’s go step by step and see how to change hair and makeup in jKiwi makeover app:

  1. Launch jKiwi program, go to File, Open any picture folder and select your photo. It’s desirable to choose a square photo of your face. My tests show that optimal image size is approximately 700×700 pixels.
  2. Pick up a face type template. Fit the image in the frame of jKiwi template. Your photo will appear in a separate window.
  3. Choose any tab in the program window: hair, shadow, blush and start your style change.
  4. Apply full screen mode for precise editing (go to View tab in the Project Window).
  5. You’re done! Don’t forget to compare before and after images. You may revert changes anytime.

The same steps you can see in jKiwi tutorial video above.

jKiwi App Review

Main benefits:

  • open-source program for Linux OS;
  • latest hairstyles;
  • beautiful makeup;
  • hair style editor for both men and women.

Though I need to mention jKiwi drawbacks:

  • lack of help information & guides;
  • print function doesn’t work properly;
  • “Save as” feature didn’t work correctly (maybe in my test only).
  • UPDATE of 2021: please note that you may not download jKiwi software from the official developer’s website without donation!

jKiwi Software Alternatives

There are several applications that can replace jKiwi. For example, Taaz online virtual makerover (see our review here) or Citrify that we mentioned above.

Upon the whole, jKiwi is a great application for home offline usage. I would highly recommend jKiwi due to 2 main facts: it saves your money and gives food for thought.

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  1. Ryan

    awesome tool. i use it!

  2. Paug

    How do i find men hair cut? i can’t see it

    1. anna

      Hi Paug,

      Thanks for your question! I’m here to help you! jKiwi interface is quite old, so I agree with you that it’s hard to find haircut styles for men. But it’s still possible.
      Here’s what you should do to try men haircut:
      1. Launch jKiwi app and upload your photo.
      2. Go to Hair tab;
      3. At the top of the right-side window, you’ll see a small icon: female or male hair styles.
      4. By default, it’s female, so click the male hair sign.
      5. Then jKiwi will show all male haircut styles that you can try on!

      I hope it solves your problem! Enjoy jKiwi.

      Anna, Photo Software & Design Blog team

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