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Loonapix.com is a 100% free image processing service. It helps your make pictures look fabulous and funny in few clicks.

You don’t need to be an expert in photo editing. Just upload any photo or select an image from the web (paste the URL in the appropriate area), and choose a template you like. In a second you can view the result. Share your newly created pics with friends, add photos to Loonapix gallery or download them from the website to your computer. Post the Loonapix photos on your blog or personal web page (an HTML-code is created automatically).

Loonapix beautifies your life in 3 ways: Loonapic effects, photo frames and trim templates.

Loonapix effects are one-click effects that embed your picture in peculiar situations. Try on a heap of striking costumes. Choose between a mysterious fairy, a romantic girl, a majestic queen, a courageous knight, a serious businessman, a desperate pirate or a proud Indian, etc.

Loonapix Knight Photo Effect

Have you ever dreamed of skyrocketing popularity? Loonapix can make you a super star instantly. Your face will appear everywhere: on skyscrapers, on posters, on TV screen, on a flying balloon, etc.

Loonapix Photo Effect
Loonapix enables you to play with dozens of photo frames. There are photo frames for all tastes. The most fancy are those for children, special occasions (for example, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and others) and photo frames with celebrities.

Loonapix Photo Frame
Experiment and enjoy funny photo creation with Loonapix! It is easy and amusing.


  • Amazing free application;
  • No installation is needed;
  • Easy to use, no learning curve;
  • Cool effects;
  • Multilanguage support.


  • Nothing so far

Overall Rating – Good

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