Loupe Collage – 11 Best Shape Photo Collage Ideas [Review+Tutorial]

Let me introduce to you Loupe, a new web photo app. It has been recently launched by the Shape Collage team.

What is Loupe?

Loupe is an online photo collage generator designed to make shape collages for birthdays, anniversary gifts, family photo collages and any memorable events. It will be also useful for learning photography art among preshool children and kindergarten kids. Toddlers and their parents will be encouraged by the easiness of the collage maker freeware and the vast array of designs and ready templates.

The main Loupe principle is that it organizes a bunch of photos into a certain shape. Photos should be evenly spread over the page forming the selected figure. If you are not satisfied with the automatic result you can edit the collage: delete a specific photo and move images across the page the way you like.

Loupe Collage Shape Templates

Loupe amazes with an impressive range of shapes. There are various geometrical objects, animals, different forms of hearts, popular symbols including characters from other languages and even ASCII characters like ♥, ♫, ☼, and π! Besides, you can arrange images into any word. In the shape tab choose the Text option and type in any word or a phrase. Thus the word will be spelled out of a pile of photos.

Text Option

How to Make a Shape Collage in Loupe on Windows 10?

Let’s learn how to make a shaped collage in Loupe using Chrome and Windows PC. For making a collage you grab photos from Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and any photo sharing website. You can also import your favourite pins from Pinterest and Instagram photos. Just connect to the necessary website with Loupe.

Then select a shape out of huge list of Loupe collage templates. The application will automatically place your images in the shape of the chosen background layout. Later on, you might change collage frame and tweak background color.

The collages are saved in JPEG format. While saving there are 2 options – choose between keeping collages private or making them public. You can share awesome collages with friends and family via social networks or download the image from the website onto your PC.

Watch video tutorial how to use Loupe Collage to shape your photos creatively:

Top 11 Best Shape Collage Ideas

Here are most popular shape collage samples and ideas for your inspiration. Choose one of the ideas and create your shape collage in Loupe:

  1. body shape collage;
  2. butterfly shape collage;
  3. boat shape collage;
  4. car shape collage;
  5. geometric shape collage;
  6. house shape collage;
  7. monster shape collage;
  8. round shape collage;
  9. rectangle shape collage;
  10. transportation shape collage;
  11. collage in shape of word.

Now let’s explore each idea in details!

Body Shape Collage

Body Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Great for childlen

Butterfly Shape Collage

Butterfly Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Ideal for romantic couples. Don’t forget to check our review of heart shaped collage photo makers here.

Boat Shape Collage

Boat Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Boys and girls from kindergarten will enjoy it.

Car Shape Collage

Car Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Awesome idea for small kids.

Geometric Shape Collage

Geometric Shape Collage

Why to use it? Do you like photo collages in shape of numbers? With Loupe you can make it for your family member birthday out of images of the previous year.

House Shape Collage

House Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Just moved to a new appartment and celebrating it? Make photos of it!

Monster Shape Collage

Monster Shape Collage

Why to use it? Getting ready for a costume party or Halloween? Get into the mood with Loupe collages!

Round Shape Collage

Round Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Try it for anniversaries

Rectangle Shape Collage

Rectangle Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Surely all geeky guys will like it

Transportation Shape Collage

Transportation Shape Collage Sample

Why to use it? Save your vacation memories with it!

Collage in Shape of Word

Collage in Shape of Word Sample

Why to use it? Say what you want with images!

Loupe Collage Review Summary


  1. fast and easy
  2. fun
  3. creative
  4. cross-platform
  5. easy even for toddlers


1. a watermark
All collages made with Loupe are watermarked. To get rid of the annoying Loupe signature it is necessary to use Shape Collage Pro.

2. a lack of photo editing features
To add a text or a filter you must use another photo editing program like MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, PhotoScape, GIMP, etc.

Though Loupe’s shortcomings look rather serious I have fallen in love with the new web app at first sight. It gives everybody much fun and inspiration. No doubt you should give it a try.

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