Watch Your Face on the Magazine Cover

At least don’t lie to yourself. Sure, you dreamt about seeing your face on Forbes or Vanity Fair covers! Your dream can become true. Fortunately, nowadays there are lots of online services that offer dozens of magazine covers that will boast your face, or you’ll boast this cover.

The principles are the same for all online photo editors. You choose a photo, adjust the image, select the cover you like and click the Create button. Ready, set, go!

Jpgfun There’s a special tab Magazines on the site. When you open it you freeze in amazement.

Likes A lot of magazine covers to any taste. Intuitive interface helps you upload your image and guides you through the process of placing your face on the magazine cover. , everything is clear.

Dislikes Any time I was going to save the result to the hard drive I got an error. No magazines from Jpgfun on my computer so far.

Photomica Click the Magazines tab. There you find dozens of popular magazine covers. Most of covers look authentic and contain titles, additional images, etc. So, they look real.

Likes There is an opportunity to zoom in and crop your image to fit the cover.

Dislikes When you zoom in a picture, the image quality gets worse. I was looking for a big Create Image button or something like that for 3 minutes. Then it occurred to me to click on the microscopic Crop Image link in the bottom right corner to get my cover!

Place your face on the magazine cover

Magmypic The site concentrates on magazine covers only. The developers have created profound business basing on this online service. Here you can rate other users covers, post images to the site gallery or Facebook and other social networks, send your pictures via email in one click.

Likes Magmypic has a set of features to fit your image to the cover frame. This is the only service among the reviewed that offers a preview mode that lets you evaluate the image location on the cover which is very useful. The site also offers you to have your cover printed and sent to you.

Dislikes You have to register to get your image saved. To store your cover on your computer, you have to right-click on the image and save it via additional menu instead of clicking one Download button that would facilitate the process. Otherwise, it is saved in your Magmypic account.

Photofacefun A nicely designed online service with a lot of photo effects divided by categories. The main character who demonstrates effects is a cute little girl. She looks gorgeous! There is not such a category as Magazine Covers to its fullest extent but you can click the Media tab instead.

Likes The ideas for media themes are wonderful and detailed. Some themes look very stylish. The service also adjusts colors so your images do not look alien in the picture! The process is flawless and very fast.

Dislikes No magazine covers in their pure sense. Which is very disappointing since the effects realization deserves the highest mark!

To sum up What I noticed about most of these online services is that they don’t provide such a useful feature as preview mode. Sometimes the results were really disappointing since I couldn’t guess how the output image will look like. Two times a half of my face was vulgarly overlapped by the magazine title.

P.S. I’m going to get a magazine with my mom’s face on the cover for her birthday.

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