Photo Album by AppsicumPhoto Album by Appsicum is an iPad app to make custom photo albums which is worth trying. As you know, iPad’s camera roll and basic photo viewer are useful but feature-limited applications. If you have over 2 hundreds of images, it becomes impossible to manage them and digg through to the one you need. Besides, filtering pics and grouping according to certain parameters in bulk isn’t quite simple without additional software. This way, probably, thought Appsicum team when developing such handy and intuitive app called Photo Album.

Appsicum’s Photo Album is a powerful photo manager like Picasa for Windows. Its features can be divided into 3 categories: photo organazing, photo editing and photo viewing. Let’s examine each feature from different perspectives.

How to Manage Photos in Photo Album by Appsicum

The first step is to install this app from Apple AppStore and launch it. After that, in the left upper corner, you’ll see an option to create a photo album by cliking the corresponding button.

Creating new album in Photo Album by Appsicum
So type a name of your album, add its short description, indicate location, and time as shown on the screenshot above.  For example, Honey Moon on Hawaii in November 2012 will be a perfect title for the first iPad family album.

Adding photos from iPad camera roll to new album in Photo Album by Appsicum

When you’re done with album creating, move forward and add photos to your empty album. In the right upper corner of the lower “My Photos” section, tap the “Plus” icon and the app will offer you photos to add. You can import all pictures from iPad photo gallery (“Photo” app at the bottom of iPad screen between “Mail” and “Music”), including those that are taken by iPad and those that are transferred from PC to your camera roll.

Above, you can see 3 sample pics that I’ve added to my album. You can rate each photos, check all EXIF info if it’s available and search for a photo by tags, date, location, name, etc.

Adding photo tags in Photo Album by Appsicum

All albums are placed in alphabetical order, thus, you can find what you want as quickly as possible.

Filters for photo search in Photo Album by Appsicum

Obviously, like other popular photo organizers, Appsicum’s Photo Album app for iPad allows you to:

  • rename any ready photo album. Just touch its name and proceed to renaming;
  • sort photos in album. As you set an album layout, you can drag and drop pics to change their order;
  • move photos from an album to another one. And of course, you can delete any photo from an album. Don’t be scared to do it. The photo will be simply removed from this app. You can return it any time. Your image will be safe and sound in iPad photo gallery (it won’t be erased physically from your Apple device).

Now when we know how to add photos and create photo album, let’s learn how to select a photo album color fill or backgrounds for our pic collections.

Here’s a simple photo album layout that we’ve picked up for our photos. It has a 2-column structure but we can drag and drop photos to set a precise position for them. For this photo album layout we added the “Gift” background.

Simple Photo Album Layout in Photo Album by Appsicum

You can change a photo album background by clicking on the “Picture”  icon in the left menu and then tapping on the background you need. I can’t say that Photo Album by Appsicum iPad app can boast tons of album backgrounds, evaluate them yourself:

Selecting photo album background in Photo Album by Appsicum

But there are backgrounds for all major topics like family album, Christmas holidays, vacation and love. However, if you aren’t satified with this, tap another icon with the “Color tin” and select any color fill for your album:

Choosing Color fill in Photo Album by Appsicum

How to Edit Photos in Photo Albums by Appsicum on iPad

In spite of being a photo management app for iPad, there are several advanced photo editing features that might enchance your pictures. But if you need a real iPad photo editor, see detailes of the best iPad photo editors reviewed in our previous post.

1. Drawing on your photos

Drawing in Photo Album by Appsicum

Pay attention to the drawing feature of Photo Album app. This helps you to add text/hints/comments/date or any other additional info that you want to make visible. To enable the option, open an album, and use the toolbar at the bottom (as shown on the the upper screenshot.) Set a drawing color and brush thickness. You can also erase all drawings if you change your mind.

2. Fun photo editing  – adding objects to photos

Adding objects to photos in Photo Album by Appsicum

If you’re addicted to fun photo editing than tap the “Smile” icon at the bottom of the app when your album is open. This will turn on the fun photo editing mode, so you can add objects to your pictures. The objects are sorted according to the categories. For example, you can see “Summer” objects. There are also Christmas, Thanksgiving, Winter and Halloween objects.  To learn more about fun photo editing, take a look at our previous post.

How to View Photos in Photo Albums by Appsicum on iPad

Ok, after you are done with photo album creation process, go ahead and show your photo album to your friends and family. You can show photos by album and tapping on each image to enlarge it or turn on the “Slideshow” style and watch photos played for you.

Photo slideshow in Photo Album by Appsicum

Plus, you can add music if you have some audio files on iTunes in your iPad. Probably, an absolute absense of preloaded music for slideshows is one of the major drawbacks of Photo Album App by Appsicum. I suppose any classical music tracks would be a great add-on for this cute iPad photo app.

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