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Do you want to create an outstanding cover photo for your Facebook account for both desktop and mobile? And one of the tools that you can use to build an interesting image is a Facebook cover maker app. Let’s find how to make FB cover photo of quotes, love, baby shower, nature, flowers, queen, king, boy or girl.

What to Use as Facebook Cover Photo?

FB cover photos ideas

When Facebook introduced custom Facebook Timeline cover pictures, users started to put on images of all topics as cover photos to emphasize unique things about their personality. What is a good cover photo for Facebook? It depends on your approach to your FB profile. If it’s just a personal account for communication, you can highlight your hobbies or memories with your cover image. If you use FB as a business page, you can share your business message to your community.

Here are top 5 FB cover photos ideas that are popular on Facebook in 2021:

  1. Facebook cover photo about nature (such as: beach, butterfly, moon, ocean, etc);
  2. Facebook cover photo with quotes (for example: hindi quotes, inspirational quotes, quotes about life, quotes about love, sayings);
  3. Facebook cover photo about love (photo of couple, photo in love);
  4. Facebook cover photo for holidays (like 4th of July, Halloween, Father’s day, Christmas);
  5. Facebook cover photo for family events (photo for baby shower or 50th birthday).

And don’t forget, if you want to change Facebook cover photo for a business page, go ahead and put a video as your cover photo on Facebook. Unfortunately, as September of 2021, you can’t put video as a cover photo for personal accounts on Facebook. When Facebook updates this rule, we’ll add new info to the post.

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Before we jump to Facebook cover maker apps that can help you to create a custom FB cover picture, let’s discuss basic specs and guidelines. First of all, please make sure to check our previous guide about right Facebook photo sizes here, otherwise your FB cover photo might be blurry due to wrong image sizes. People often google “why is Facebook cover photo blurry?” – that happens when you fail to upload cover image with recommended dimensions. So read the guide in advance for clear and attractive cover images!

Next, if you still ask yourself: what is the difference between a cover photo and a profile photo on Facebook? Here’s a quick answer: cover photo is visible at the top of your FB profile and profile photo is a small round image visible next to your post on Facebook.

Where to Make Your Own Facebook Cover Photo?

Meet Kapwing, a free online Facebook cover maker app which is nice and intuitive for creating custom FB covers. When you open Kapwing Studio, you’ll be able to choose between thousands of photo stock images with nature, flowers, food, quotes, and family events that you can upload as a photo cover on Facebook. And more than this, Kapwing prepared a free HD Facebook cover photo template that you can use and be sure that your personalized cover pic matches Facebook photo sizes requirements. So, you’ll spend a good portion of your time trying on multiple images, photo collages and backgrounds for your FB cover picture.

Here’s how to create a custom Facebook cover photo step by step:

  1. Go to Kapwing cover template (it’s free, the link above);
  2. Select a picture from the Image tab on the left;
  3. Add text with the help of the Text tab;
  4. Edit cover photo if necessary (add filters, change brightness and contrast, flip or rotate);
  5. Click the Export Image button to download your FB cover pic;
  6. Go to your Facebook account, click the Edit cover photo option and upload a new cover picture to your account. Done!

First, I tested the nature and quotes covers and you’ll see the result below.

Kapwing Facebook Cover Photo with Quotes

A set of filters for covers may change the design completely and it’s really fascinating to see what you get at the end. For example, I also tried to adjust brightness, contrast and blur, when I opened the Adjust tab.

Besides, if you go to the Elements tab at the left, here you can overlay various stickers on your picture like on my screenshot below. Use search bar and type sort of stickers that you need such as “flower”, “girl”, “anime”, etc. For example, you can add anime and manga stickers to your Facebook cover photo.

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how to add stickers to Facebook cover photo in Kapwing

If you want to add a saying over a new Facebook cover picture background, switch to the Text tab. There you can choose between 50+ fonts, styles (bold, italic, underlined). If you upgrade to paid Kapwing plan, you can upload your own font. Here’s a our guide on how to make your custom font for free online.

Kapwing Facebook Cover Photo with Quotes

After you’re done with your cover photo, click the big green Export Image button, so you can download it as a 1920 x 1080 PNG image or copy the link, embed or share on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you can create a free Kapwing account to save your projects and edit more Facebook photo covers in the future.

How to Put Video as Facebook Cover?

how to make Facebook video conver in Kapwing

Some Facebook business pages can use video without sound as Facebook cover. So it you’re the lucky one, Kapwing can help you to create an attractive Facebook video cover with correct video resolution, aspect ration and video file extension.

Here’s how to how to make Facebook cover video with Kapwing:

  1. Go to Facebook video convert template on Kapwing and edit it;
  2. Replace the template video content with your own video or select a video from the Videos tab on the left;
  3. Use video editor timeline to set the right video duration (between 30 to 50 seconds);
  4. Cut, crop, rotate video footage, change video speed, add video effects like Chrome Key or Reverse to your video;
  5. When you’re done with editing video for Facebook cover, save your video file by clicking the Export Video button at the top;
  6. Go to your Facebook business page, click the edit cover icon and upload your FB video cover. That’s it!

If you’re new to video editing, it might be a bit tricky to create a first Facebook video cover. So watch Kapwing video tutorial below and see how to use Kapwing online video editor to make Facebook video cover:

Kapwing Facebook Cover Maker Review Summary

Kapwing Advantages:

  • it’s free, no registration or credit card required!
  • it works fast and it’s very easy;
  • lots of free photo stock images and videos;
  • no irritating ads;
  • ready photo and video templates for Facebook covers.

Kapwing Disadvantages:

  • image editing options are a bit limited comparing to BeFunky or PicMonkey;
  • my video covers had no thumbnail. Other Facebook video cover maker apps like Bitable added video thumbnails automatically;

To sum it up, Kapwing free online Facebook cover generator has all chances to sky rocket. The app is intuitive and user-friendly. Its style may become recognizable and unique. The developers have done a lot so you can make your Facebook page as personal as possible.

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