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Everybody likes puzzles. Ok, maybe not everybody but most of us. But personally I hate huge monstrous puzzles with 1.500 items. I always was too impatient to complete the task. What will be the decision? Right – make your own puzzle!

As usual I have surfed the Internet and you can read a short summary of the findings below.

Paid Services

Not my choice, as they offer to upload a photo and you get a puzzle that you’ll have to pay for. For example:
Puzzlematic – seven types of jigsaw puzzles and a possibility to make a magnet out of them.
Dumpr –  the effects that correspond with the topic of this post are Jigsaw puzzle, Lego-ize  and Stone mosaic.

Desktop Applications

Our favorite one is Photoscape which basic editing features overview you could read before. To get your personalized puzzle, do the following:
1.    Open Photoscape;
2.    Select a photo or a pic.
3.    Click the Filters button and select the Textures menu.
4.    Find the Puzzle effect and apply it to the pic.

Done! Before applying any effects, you can also change a background in the photo if it is too confusing. The only disappointment about Photoscape puzzles is that the items are relatively small and you’ll have to cut them by yourself which is not very easy.

Online Applications

Here I describe only some of the applications that I liked most of all.
Let’s start with Photo Puzzle Maker – that is not exactly what I meant when I was looking for puzzle effects but it is also very interesting.

butterfly puzzle

The application helps you create an online puzzle that you can also play online. You decide how many jigsaw pieces there will be, select the color and you even can add some phrase. Click the Start Puzzle button and play the game online. You can also copy the code and paste it on your Facebook page and therefore make it more interactive.

Puzzlebee  – a Facebook application that enables users to create online puzzles. The process is very easy – upload your photo, set up some parameters and get your job. Puzzlebee also has the feature to select your Facebook friends and send your puzzle to them.

And for the end, I collected some links that you could use to make your photo look like a puzzle.
Flash-gear – a flash application to create an online puzzle and share it with your friends. I have split a butterfly into jigsaw pieces and it took me half an hour to understand that I was not born for this task.
Anymaking – create a puzzle-in-the-box effect.
Funphotobox – make a honeycomb looking puzzle.
3d effects – also makes a nice looking puzzle out of your pics.

P.S. While I was looking for puzzle makers I also found a lot of mosaic creators that I will overview in one of my next posts.

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