Microsoft Word: A Better Image Editor than Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Word vs Microsoft Paint

I’m not very good at PhotoShop and I mostly use Paint to edit images. Yes, I know that it’s not the best choice, but at least Microsoft guys have introduced a lot of good tools in 2010 Office program versions. But just imagine my frustration and amazement when I discovered that Microsoft Word has even more image editing features than Paint!

So, ready, set, go. To get a wonderfully edited picture, you need Microsoft Word 2010, some image and your fantasy.

Microsoft Word image editing

  1. Open MS Word;
  2. Open the folder with your pictures;
  3. Select a picture to drag-and-drop it in the opened Word file;
  4. To resize the picture, click on it and drag any corner of the picture;

Fine, now you’ve got the desired dimensions and here starts the most interesting. Right-click on the picture and select Image Properties. Let’s start on the Shadow menu first:

There are ready templates where you can find multiple variants for shadow shapes, I usually select templates from the Outer Borders section.

Select the color of the shadow from the drop-down menu. Sometimes I go freak and select orange shadow for a blue image, looks crazy, but impressive.
If you look even more attentively, you’ll notice that Microsoft Word can also change the color of your picture. To do that, right-click on the picture, select the Picture Format menu and find the Picture Color section. I painted my image black and white.

Change Image Colors in MS Word

One more interesting feature is the Effects menu. Apply the same actions to the image as I described above and select the Effects menu. I bet the effects range is even better than the choice by some online image editors, here we can remember the late Picnic.

Microsoft Word image effects

And one more feature that was just like a knock-down for me is the Figure Angle menu!

Microsoft Image Rotation Effects

To sum up: there is nothing in Microsoft Paint that Microsoft Word cannot do! You can resize your images, turn them by any angle, play with textures, apply effects, adjust colors, add shadows, texts and background pictures in Microsoft Word. You can also select color temperature, set up transparency and much more. So, if you have Microsoft Word 2010 on your computer, maybe you’d better pay more attention to this wonderful application that can edit words and images as well.

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