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I’m not very good at PhotoShop and I mostly use MS Paint to edit images. It’s one of the quickest ways to edit image in Microsoft Office suite. Recently guys from Redmond have introduced a lot of good tools in online Office 365. Just imagine my frustration and amazement when I discovered that MS Office editor has tons of image editing features like MS Paint!

Does Microsoft Office 365 Have a Photo Editor?

Yes, it does! To get a wonderfully edited picture, you need Microsoft Word Online, some image and your fantasy. The online picture edit app is integral feature of MS suite which you can access online from any place. Simply, start MS Word online, open a new Word document and insert a picture as show on the screenshot below:

Online Inteface to insert a new file for editing

Here you have several image source options such as your computer, smartphone, OneDrive or stock images. Upload a picture from any source and start image editing them. We’ll show you how to do it in our step by step tutorial below.

How to Edit a Picture Online in a Word Document in Microsoft Office 365?

MS Online Picture Editor includes all necessary pics editing tools for fast image manipulation:

  • rotate and flip pics vertically or horizontally;
  • enlarge or shrink images;
  • cut and crop photos precizely in pixels and centimeters;
  • preserve aspect ratio for image shrinking;
  • add visual styles, borders and frames to your pictures

How to Add Frames, Borders and Styles

There are ready templates where you can find multiple variants for shadow shapes. Also you can select frame templates from the Borders section. You can even select the color of the shadow from Styles menu.

The only huge drawback that MS editing toolkit has – it’s the lack of image filters and advanced effects like black and white pics. I really need feature like the Effects menu where I can apply the same actions to the image as I described below and select the Effects menu. I bet the effects range like in other online image manipulation programs, here we can remember the old PicMonkey app, would add much more fans to MS Online Picture editing app.

Here’s how to cut part of a picture in Word online:

Image Cropping options

  1. Open MS Word;
  2. Go to Insert tab and upload a file;
  3. To resize the picture, click on it and drag any corner of the picture;
  4. Or use the crop option to cut a part of the image. Done!

Fine, now you’ve got the desired dimensions and here starts the most interesting. Right-click on the picture and select Image Properties to make sure your image has proper size in cm for printing as shown here:

Image editing features

All changes are saved automatically in your online Word document in OneDrive. You can revert any changes if you don’t like the resulting picture after image editing.

Watch the detailed video tutorial “How to Format and Edit Pictures in Microsoft Word Online”:

Microsoft Word Online Photo Editor Review

To sum up: there is nothing in Microsoft Paint that Office editor cannot do! You can resize your images, turn them by any angle, play with styles, apply borders, put frames, add shadows, texts and background pictures in Microsoft Word like photo watermarks on iPhone. So, if you have Microsoft Office 365 on your computer, maybe you’d better pay more attention to this wonderful application that can edit words and images as well.

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