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Who likes mosaic? Hands up! I love to look at thousands of intricate pieces that I can combine in thousands of different ways. The Internet gives us the opportunity to transfer this fun into digital mode.

While I was checking the Internet for various applications to create mosaic effect I understood two things. First, there are applications that split one picture into dozens of pieces and second, there are applications that need dozens of pictures to make a big one. Don’t worry, I’m going to illustrate it.

One Picture One Mosaic

Let’s start with mosaic generators that split one photo into several pieces.

Image Mosaic Generator – simple as mud. Upload your picture, click the Create a Mosaic button and get a quite differently looking picture. The essence is the same but the contents are very interesting if you look more attentively at the big image. The resolution of the generated image is quite big so you can set up it as a desktop wallpaper. For example, download an Unsplash image and set Zoom background with mosaic effect.

Flower Mosaic

Picartia – the same principle as by Mosaic Generator but done more professionally and … more obtrusively so to say. To get your mosaic, you have to submit your name and email then get a secret code and paste it on the Picartia page. When you at last get your creation you see a very vivid watermark at the bottom of the image.

PicArtia mosaic creator

FreeCodeSource – the website that creates a flash mosaic out of your pictures. Upload a photo and get an animated image. The service enables you to copy the code and embed it on your Facebook page, for example. I published the generated mosaic image on our Facebook page.

Many Pictures One Mosaic

Pixisnap – a user friendly and Barbishly looking website that thoroughly guides you through the creation process. You can upload up to 20 pictures and they all will become counterparts of the main image that you select as your future mosaic.

pixisnap mosaic effect

PhotoScape – yes, again. PhotoScape makes mosaics just as easy as it can turn picture into puzzle pieces free. Over 100 mosaic templates from 3 to 33 pieces. For details, you can read the detailed guide on how to create mosaics with PhotoScape.

BigHugeLabs – a reduced PhotoScape online analogue. It offers 7 mosaic types and lets you publish your mosaic on Facebook and Flickr.

Build a Mosaic – upload as many photos as you can and get a nicely done mosaic. You’ll have to prepare tons of images and a lot of patience.

Easy Moza – it would be number one on my favorites list if I had more patience to upload images and generate a mosaic out of them. The service is very neat, it offers you to set additional parameters like number of cells, mosaic size and color, etc. And in the end you get a fairy tail. You can also switch to one of 5 interface languages which is very professional.

For as dessert, I suggest to switch on your imagination and try to create a Roman mosaic with Gwydir. It’s not a mosaic maker but I found it a nice way to relax.

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