MS Paint’s Evolution: from Ugly Ducking to Magnificent Swan

Microsoft Paint is a well-known drawing program. Very often MS Paint is an object of amusing jokes, so its functionality is underestimated. In fact this is a perfect image editor. It performs a lot of routine common tasks and substitutes bulky and expensive photo software. The only thing is needed: you should know how to use the program. Unfortunately only the lucky and the persistent have found the key to MS Paint’s heart. Besides following the ugly rumors that Paint is good-for-nothing, practically nobody wants to give it a try. Let’s attempt to save MS Paint’s reputation.

The drawing tool has got all necessary tools for drawing a picture from scratch: a bunch of artistic brushes, a collection of lines, various shapes, etc. This tool lets you create simple black-and-white drawings or fill your pictures with watercolor or crayon shades.  By default pictures are saved in BMP format, but you can compress them to JPEG, PNG or GIF image files. Let’s dive into MS Paint history timeline deeper.

When was MS Paint Invented?

Microsoft Paint was invented long time ago in 1985 by ZSoft Corporation. The Paint application was introduced in Windows 1.0 as a first photo and graphics editor for PCs. What’s the first name of MS Paint? You’ll be surprised, but it wasn’t Paint. Originally, the first name is MS Paint was PC Paintbrush. Later on, it was shortened to Paint or MS Paint as we know it now.

History of Microsoft Paint 1985 – 2019

Comparison Table of Microsoft Paint Versions for Windows OS

FeaturesWindows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 10
InterfaceGDI (Non-Ribbon)GDI (Non-Ribbon)Ribbon GUIRibbon GUI
By default saves asBMPJPEGPNGPNG
Color Palette48 colors28 colors20 colors20+ colors
Undo levels3 times10 times> 10 times> 20 times

What is Ribbon Interface in MS Paint?

The key difference between Win 7 MS Paint and pre-Windows 7 version concerns the program interface and functionality. In the latest version of Paint Ribbon GUI (Graphical User Interface) was introduced. It looks like a set of toolbars placed on tabs in a tab bar. See the first screenshot above. Actually the interface change doesn’t affect the program’s simplicity. It is still intuitive and user-friendly.

What Happened to MS Paint in Windows 7 and Windows 10?

Paint’s possibilities have been enriched in Win 7 version. Among significant enhancements it is worth to mention an increased number of brushes, resize and rotate options. There are more shape variants including arrows, stars, heart and others.

In Windows 10, Paint 3D was introduced by Microsoft. It’s a new image editor available for all Windows 10 computers. Paint 3D differs from classic MS Paint by a modern tile inferface and advanced picture editing features.

Despite all innovations and enhancements made MS Paint hasn’t changed drastically. It remains an easy image editor suitable for basic photo editing. People confess in one of the forums that they use this image editor to resize pictures mostly and “to do some simple image editing jobs”.

Due to the fact that MS Paint is embedded in all versions of Microsoft Windows, its true value is lessened. A lack of user-friendly tutorials, embedment on a computer by default, absence of training guides cause users’ neglectful attitude. But in the hands of a real artist Paint’s magic brushes revive and create miracles, stunning masterpieces. It is enough to have a look at the guide how to draw Mona Lisa with it.

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