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Photo montage? Did you ever try it? If not, let’s learn what’s this in the detailed review. There are many fun image editors that let you add cute frames to your images, for example FotoFlexer, piZap and Befunky. Some online picture editors are focused on certain tasks like frames with cartoon characters or magazine cover images. But there is one more web app can beat them all – FotoJet Photo Montager, a powerful editing app available on the web.

What is Photo Montage?

Photo montage is an image manipulation technique to mix two or more images together into a new creative that seems to be a seemless compositions. See above my photo montage example where I joined 2 images into one. Professionals often call this image editing technique digital compositing. An amateurs and home users call photo montage – “photoshopping”. The name “photoshopping” obviously origins from the name of famouse Adobe PhotoShop software that allows you to place anything on the image or alter pic in any imaginable way.

What is the Purpose of a Montage?

There are several reasons why you might need picture montage:
1. Creative, art purposes

You might want to make digital art out of ordinary images using picture montage. Here’s an example of advanced picture editing work in Pixlr E:

2. Fun, humor

For example, try to place your picture into original backgound. What would you look like in Captain America costume? It’s easy to check. Open FotoJet website and select Captain America template. Then add your face portrait and create a new creative montage. See how to make a montage step by step below.

3. Tricking

The last, but not the least reason is pretending something you’re not. Want to shock your Facebook or Instagram friends with luxury trip to Las Vegas? Just add your image into a Hilton hotel room in Las Vegas and post it on social media. This is the most notorious purpose for montage.

What is Another Word for Montage?

Collage is another word for montage. What is a combination of pictures called? Photo montage or pic collage. One the one hand, montage and collage are synonyms and often replace each other in texts. But on the other hand, there is a big difference between collage and montage. Please note that not every image editing software can do both collage and montage.

What is the Difference Between Collage and Photomontage?

Photo montage and collage are not equal notions. Let’s explore difference between collage and photomontage. Look at 3 pics below. There are two collages and one photo montage. Although, all 3 pictures are compilation of several images, but two collages don’t merge into one integral picture and only the last picture is a united creative.

difference between collage and photomontage

Here’s a comparison table of montage vs. collage:

FeatureCollagePhoto Montage
Merging many images into a larger creativeYesSometimes
Seamless mix of images into a larger picNoYes
Adding text on a final pictureOftenPossible

Why Is FotoJet The Best Online Photo Montager?

As you open FotoJet you will find yourself in a virtual photo montage studio. Here you can choose a new funny background for your image or frame it with beautiful decoration elements. Scroll down the list of recent and top rated templates and select a theme from a drop-down catalog like: Marvel, Kids, Travel, Cartoons, etc.

FotoJet Photo Montage Templates

FotoJet Photo Montager is so addictive that you can’t help trying more and more new designs for your pictures. There are two dozen adorable photo montage templates for any taste among which you can definitely find the one that suits you best. Besides, you can upload pics from FotoJet image gallery, add text, or even sticker.

Watch a short how-to video that explains FotoJet photo montage making technique:

How to Make a Photo Montage with FotoJet?

It’s easy to make a photo montage in FotoJet.

FotoJet Online Photo Montage Maker App

Here’s how to use online photo montage maker:

  1. Select a FotoJet montage template out of the list on the left;
  2. Click the empty space to place your personal image;
  3. Upload your picture from PC or cloud drive;
  4. Here you have an option to edit your montage, e.g. resize, crop, rotate, flip and apply creative effects;
  5. As for image saving, Photo Montager offers 2 simple alternatives: download a collage to your computer or print your pic composition.

So enjoy wonderful image compilations from FotoJet Photo Montage Maker and try this picture app today!

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