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In my previous post I spoke about a good photo portfolio. Every photographer knows that amazing photo portfolio is a key to profit. However, just a fine collection of your professional photos is not enough to succeed. You need to display your photos publicly. Ideally, you make an online photo portfolio. There are several options: you code a website yourself, order a website from a freelance programmer or choose a photo portfolio builder. The last option empowers you to customize your photo portfolio without solid coding skills.

I would like to present 7 easiest ways to build your own photo portfolio website.


Viewbook is an online platform that allows you to upload images, create work presentations, photo galleries and portfolio web pages. Create a Viewbook account, add your photo masterpieces and descriptions, write a short author’s bio, put your contacts and you’ve got a perfect online photo portfolio with Viewbook. Thanks to Viewbook’s exceptional flexibility you can easily customize layouts, fonts, colors and integrate social media and selling options. Each Viewbook website has a mobile version available for iPad and iPhone. The prices are reasonable and range from $48 per year, with a 30 day trial period.


Pixpa is an online service for photographers and designers to showcase, sell and share their works. It helps you manage your workflow with style and simplicity. You can create beautifully crafted portfolio websites, slideshows, information pages, password protected image galleries for private use and limited access. Pick up one from 100 preset layouts and experiment with colors, fonts, backgrounds and visual elements. Switch between multiple design styles to find the one that suits your needs perfectly. It is possible to embed a video within your website, include a guestbook and a calendar.


With stunning Wix web design tools it is easy to create flash websites which is ideal for a photo portfolio. Wix gives much freedom for artists. You can build a website from scratch or choose a free web template and customize it as you proceed. When a design style is selected it is placed into the Wix editor automatically. Website structure editing is a simple drag and drop process. Add images, video files, menu buttons, music and widgets without entering a line of code. The web hosting is free of charge. But if you want to use your own domain name it is necessary to upgrade to a premium plan.

Online Galleries [No Longer Supported]

Online Galleries is an effective online solution for those photographers who want to get an online presence. Online Galleries offers complete professional website building at a reasonable price. Personal domain registration, email addresses, web hosting are included in the services. Batch image uploading, automatic resize, online customer service distinguish this web application from other similar platforms.


Yola is an online website creator. It has easy-to-use tools to build a fully-personalized, high-quality website. Along with a drag and drop site builder, diversity of free styles and a map integration Yola provides a powerful hosting platform. There are free and paid website hosting options varying in storage space. You can get a professional unique hand-made site design at an additional fee.


FolioLink is an online service to create high-impact photography and portfolio websites. It offers both HTML and Flash portfolio websites with elegant design templates and commission free e-commerce. There are advanced shopping cart options with licensing, digital downloads and more. Thus you are not limited to online print sales. FolioLink enables you to sell your works to microstock agencies as well.


Squarespace is a fully featured website publishing platform. It is equipped with powerful tools allowing you to create scalable websites of all sizes and manage them hussle-free. With a few clicks you can organize your content easily. Exceptional style templates from brand name designers, multiple social widgets, a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android, advanced analytic tools are Squarespace’s perks. There is no need to refer to third parties analytics as Squarespace gives you real-time visitor analytics, pagerank tracking and more useful features to tune up your online photo portfolio SEO. That’s why Squarespace is an ideal portfolio builder for those who plan to develop web business seriously and track its performance efficiently.

These are the resources that impressed me so much that I decided to write a post about them all! If I missed any good online portfolio website builders for photographers and web designers, you are welcome to enlarge the list.


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