What Is Your Favorite Photo Editor [POLL]

Photo Mix

There are so many great free photo editors - Photoscape, Picasa, GIMP, Loonapix, etc. We would like to learn favorite photo editors of Photo Software & Design Blog readers.

Share your opinion about best photo editors. Tell us what you think! Vote now!


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Free Photo Software Reviews: 5 Sites to Read Before Download


5 Star Editor's Rating

When I search for free photo editing software I always check its reviews. I want to know in advance an unbiased opinion on how to edit photos with a certain photo application. I look for information about technical requirements and drawbacks before I download any free software. Besides, I need good user guides, how-to videos, tips and tricks. To cut a long story short, a free photo software review is an indispensable thing for the right photo tool choice.

There are top 5 websites with free photo software reviews you should read:

1. Photo Software & Design Blog

The newbie in the photo blogging world publishes informative photo software reviews. Among examined free photo editors, you will find GIMP review, Loonapix review and PhotoScape review. Plus, take a look at free image viewers with photo editing options such as IrfanView review or FastStone ImageViewer review.

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Beautiful Photo Slideshow in Two Minutes with Freemake Video Converter

What can you do in two minutes? Make a coffee, sharpen the pencils, look out the window... Or create a great gift for one's birthday or wedding having just a dozen of photos and a bit of creativity.


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What Else You Can Do with Discs

CD disks

If you rack your brains about an unusual present an individually designed CD/DVD or Blu-ray discs might be the unconventional solution to the dilemma “what-to-present-the-person-with-who-has-everything”.

In fact, there are several opportunities to customize your disc surface. Earlier there were special discs with soft cover and special printers that were specifically designed for this kind of discs. You could also buy extra felt pens to decorate discs, but I met too many complaints about their smearing effect. Laser printers for disc surfaces do their job well but I wouldn’t call it 100% hand-made disc then.
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Home Page Video: Pros & Cons

Website Home Page Video

Sometimes one picture is better than a poem. In some cases, a short video presentation shows more than screenshots and overview. A good 60 seconds video can reveal product features and uniqueness or display it in action. Popular startups like Box.net or 99design.com embedded introduction video on the website home page instead of traditional features overview and images.

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Flipboard & La Tour Eiffel Web Site Design

Flipboard La Tour Effel Website Design

Most of us know the silhouette of the main French tourist attraction – The Eiffel Tower. It is famous for a massive foundation and a light top.

It looks like during the last two years web designers were inspired by the upside down French beauty. Take Flipboard, for example. While entering the site, you see the top and hardly can notice the bottom menu. Frankly speaking, at my first visit to www.flipboard.com, I spent 3 minutes searching for a navigation menu. I failed to find more info about this app and I quitted the site. Probably I’m not the only one who faced such problem and returned back to Google search. I’m sure that my bounce is not a big deal for Flipboard.

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