Photo Montager, Powerful Loonapix Competitor

Photo Montager

There are many fun photo editors that let you add cute photo frames to your images: Loonapix, FotoFlexer, piZap and Befunky. Some online photo editors are focused on certain tasks like photo frames with cartoon characters or magazine cover images. But there is one more web app can beat them all – Photo Montager, a powerful photo app available on the web and for Android phones.

Photo Frames for All Tastes

As you open you will find yourself in a virtual photo studio. Here you can choose a new background for your image or frame it with beautiful photo elements. Scroll down the list of recent and top rated photo frames and select a frame theme from a drop-down catalog like: Christmas, Love, Sports, Nature, Hearts, Food, etc.

Photo Montager Frames

Photo Montager is so addictive that you can’t help trying more and more new designs for your pictures. There are over 200 pages with adorable photo frames for any taste among which you can definitely find the one that suits you best. Besides, you can upload pics from Facebook, your computer or even take a pic via your webcam.

Watch a short how-to video that explains Photo Montager photo editing technique:

After you upload your image, and select a photo frame, you have an option to edit the collage, e.g. resize, add a description, and apply photo effects. As for image saving, Photo Montager offers 2 simple alternatives: download a collage to your computer or add photos to your Facebook account. Finally, you can get such an unusual photo like the picture below out of dull original tree picture thanks to Photo Montager.

Photo Montager Photo Frames

Best Photo Frames

In my opinion, the most valuable category at Photo Montager is Movies. Here you can make a picture with Shakira, Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson or cartoon characters from Rio, for example. Thus, there’s no need to buy a ticket to Hollywood, just visit Photo Montager and make a picture with a favorite start and you!

Photo Montager Justin Bieber Collage

Photo Montager Joins Google Play

Photo Montager is designed for mobile devices too. Now you can try this photo app on an Android phone. Download free Photo Montager app from Google Play and create the same cool photo frames for pictures on your Android smartphone. The application works in a similar way as the web app described above so you will have no problems.

In case you get lost, here’s a video guide on how to use Photo Montager on Android:

So enjoy wonderful creative photo frames from Photo Montager and try this photo app today!

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  1. Annie

    Suddenly, after months of using Photomontager, I am having problems. The pictures I click on simply don’t appear, there is a white blank where the picture/frame should be, although all the upload signs are there. Please tell me what could be wrong? Otherwise, I love photomontager! Thank you, Annie

  2. anna

    Hi Annie,

    It’s bad to hear that you have problems with Photomontager. Just a few seconds ago I tried Photomontager and it worked fine for me. So let’s see how we can help you. Here are my suggestions:

    1) make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player (it’s free for everyone) on your computer. Photomontager uses Flash Player technology in order to add frames to your photos. So if you have out-of-date Flash Player, Photomontager may fail to work right.

    Please download the latest Adobe Flash Player only from official site

    So download the new Flash Player, than close your browser, then open it again and visit Photomonager.

    It may help to solve the problem. Please try this way.

    2) You may also contact Photomontager team at Probably they will reply to you.

    Please let me know if Flash Player update does not help.

    Thank you,
    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  3. Annie

    Hi I have just seen your reply, thank you. I did uninstall and reinsall Flash adn it works beautifully, thank you so much. Everyone is thrilled with their pics!! I like your site the best, because our photos remain clear and focussed and I can enlarge the frames without them getting too pixilated! All the best, Annie 🙂

  4. anna

    Thank you, Annie! We are always glad to help!

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

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