Beautiful Photo Slideshow in Two Minutes with Freemake Video Converter

What can you do in two minutes? Make a coffee, sharpen the pencils, look out the window… Or create a great gift for one’s birthday or wedding having just a dozen of photos and a bit of creativity.


I’d like to present you a free program that isn’t a photo editor but it does a perfect job of making photo slideshows. This is Freemake Video Converter – a video converter with 250 supported formats and a plenty of ready profiles for gadgets, phones and video containers.

Although photo processing has little relation to this app’s functionality, I found this tool perfect for making quick photo slideshows to share. The big plus is that Freemake Video Converter lets upload the resulted slideshow directly to YouTube without even visiting the website.

How to create a photo slideshow

To make a photo slideshow for sharing or YouTube upload, you’ll spend no more than 2 minutes.
Step 1. Click the big blue button “+Photo” and add your images, all in batch.
Step 2. Double-click the slideshow to edit it: add background music, set the interval for an image, switch the panorama effect which renders them zooming in and out.
Step 3.  Click “Edit slideshow” button. In the new window you can add or delete photos, change their position, or click “Shuffle” to mix the photos. When you are ready, click “Ok”.
Step 4. Choose the output format for your slideshow. Better if you upload it directly to your YouTube channel. Click “to YouTube”, enter you account details and press “Upload”. Alternatively, you can choose MP4, AVI, WMV or MKV as the output format.
That’s all – fast and easy! If any problems, watch the video tutorial about uploading photos to YouTube on the developer’s website.


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