PhotoFunia: Create Funny Face Collages

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool. It lets you make amusing photo face collages and apply cool photo effects and filters. Upload a photo, select a template and the app will create magic for you.

What’s PhotoFunia?

PhotoFunia is a totally free web app. Unlike other web applications of this kind, Photofunia detects faces in the picture automatically. You select the area to which you want to add a funny photo effect by dragging the borders with your mouse.

Photofunia’s collection offers more than 150 scenes to play with. You can put your face on a billboard, a car, on a magazine cover. Become a super hero, a vampire, an angel or an artist’s model. Unfortunately, the effects are not classified into categories. It is necessary to search through the whole effects list.

PhotoFunia Face Collage
PhotoFunia Face Collage

Not convinced yet? Check PhotoFunia promo video below:

The Filters tab disposes various effects that are commonly used in a typical photo editor. They are based on a play of color and light, shadow and contrast modifications. Thus, you can turn a photo into black and white, sepia, an old photo, etc. Thanks to the filters option, the model looks differently: romantic, mystical, radiant.

PhotoFunia Photo Effects
Romantic Photo Effect

When the collage is ready there are 3 options to choose from. You can either save the photo on your computer, share it in social networks or upload to web albums or send a postcard.

I’d like to draw special attention to the saving formats. If you want to print your picture, the “large” option will suit you best because it preserves the best possible quality. “Regular” variant is optimized for web and email. And the last option is called “userpic”. It resizes a photo up to 100 x 100 pixels, the right size for icons.

PhotoFunia Photo Effects
Face on a Billboard


How to Use PhotoFunia Online and on Windows 10?

You can use Photofunia in your favorite web browser. Just go to PhotoFunia website, select any photo effect template, upload your selfie and get a ready photo montage from PhotoFunia website. Besides, now PhotoFunia has a special Windows 10 app. Please watch detailed step-by step video tutorial showing you how to use PhotoFunia on Windows 10 PC:

On the whole, PhotoFunia is an extremely simple and nice photo montage application. In comparison to Loonapix the number of available funny photo effects is more impressive but they are not categorized. At the same time, PhotoFunia concedes advanced photo editing tools like Photo Montager because it lacks basic photo editing features. For example, there is no way to add a description, or resize an image according to the needed dimensions.

As we can see the ideal photo editing tool hasn’t been designed so far. Each web application has its advantages and shortcomings. I love PhotoFunia for its amazingly cute photo effects, and what about you?

P.S. For those who are interested in PhotoFunia free mobile versions for Android or iOS, visit PhotoFunia on Google Play and PhotoFunia in Appstore.

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    we want past my photo how to do

    1. irina

      Hello Khalil,

      Please, select an effect that you want to apply to a picture, click on it. After that there will be a button Choose a file. Press the button and upload a photo to edit. If you have any other questions, you are welcome.


      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

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