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After 3 summer months you’ll have tons of pictures from your vacation, open air hangouts, BBQ parties that you might share with friends on your Facebook page. If you want to add an artistic look to your images, first of all, you should try PhotoMania, a Facebook fun online photo effects maker with over 250 free photo effects.

What is PhotoMania?

Photomania App

PhotoMania  is free Vfx (visual effects) online photo editing app. It’s available online, in Google Chrome Store, at Google Play and Apple AppStore. The key difference from other online fun photo editors, is the ability of PhotoMania to improve your Facebook pictures thanks to direct access to this social media platform. You can select photos right from your Facebook account and edit them. There’s no need to download Facebook pics to your PC and then upload to PhotoMania. PhotoMania works like a charm: just sync PhotoMania with your Facebook account and you can edit both photos from your photo albums and images where you’ve been tagged.

How to Filter Your Facebook Photos with PhotoMania?

Let me explain how PhotoMania works. Obviously, to use PhotoMania, you need to have a Facebook account. So go to PhotoMania website (click the link above), mobile app or Chrome extension and select Facebook as image upload source. Then enter your Facebook login and password and PhotoMania will trigger all your Facebook pics into the app for you.

PhotoMania Facebook pics upload

After that browse your Facebook photo library and select a photo from your album or the image where you are tagged. Use the menu on the upper bar in PhotoMania. Check the screenshot below:

Photomania Facebook photo import

As you select the pricture you want to add a filter or an effect, you can choose one of effects from the PhotoMania start screen on the left that offers several groups of photo effects: sketches, paintings, cartoons, fun, modifications and a few more. Each group contains dozens of effects.

Photomania Facebook filters & effects

Just click the type visual effect you want and choose a photo from your Facebook photo albums. The selected photo effect will be automatically applied to the image and you will be able to download the photo with the effect or share it on Facebook immediately. Use the big “Share” button at the top right corner.

To make it clearer, watch a video tutorial on how to add photo effects to Facebook photos with PhotoMania:

Here’s how to use PhotoMania step by step:

  1. Visit;
  2. Launch Photomania app;
  3. Select Facebook upload and enter your Facebook credentials;
  4. Choose a photo;
  5. Select an effect or filter and apply it to the image;
  6. Download or share edited photo on Facebook.
  7. Done!

How to Add Special Effects on Photos?

What I mostly liked about PhotoMania is the ability to add effects to your friends’ photos and the photos tagged with your name. This option lets you present your friends with awesome collages even if they do not use PhotoMania yet. This can be a good way to say “thank you”, “I love you” or “I miss you” to the nearest and dearest on Facebook. Besides, such cute collage can cheer up, be a great ecard, a Valentine Day card, a free JibJab alternative, or a message to the best friends. It’s needless to say your friends will appreciate your attention. There are tons of ways to express your emotions with PhotoMania special effects. Here’s an example of effects you can get for Christmas in PhotoMania:

List of the most popular special effects in PhotoMania:

  • Artistic: sketch, painting, watercolor, magical, textures, vintage, cartoon, pop art, romantionc filters
  • Fun: jopyful, billboards, illusions, magazines, humor, drawing, sports, tech, celebrities, entertainment, frames, fantasy
  • Overlays: gradient, lightleaks, bokeh, sunrays
  • E-cards for special events: Thanksgiving, love, Easter, cats, quotes, love card’s, Monther’s Day, birthday, pets, weddings, friendship, Halloween, St. Patricks

Impressive, isn’t it?

PhotoMania Review in a Glance


  • free;
  • fast;
  • tons of effects and filters
  • easy work with Facebook images


  • ads
  • lack of basic photo editing tools like cut, rotate

Upon the whole, PhotoMania is simple, but probably, the most suitable photo app for Facebook you should know for sure. However, it has a few drawbacks. The app page contains ads that you may be a bit confused where to click next. And the photo editor asks for permission to post on your behalf on Facebook, though you can reject it and still use PhotoMania. So give a try to PhotoMania!

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    wil (scrapbooking) idee skep. Kan julle my asb help? Iewers moet ‘n (free Download program) wees maar wa?

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    Try PhotoScape it’s truly free program for scrapbooking.

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    I have used this one and it’s a good one but you’re limited to only adding to the photo. The best that I have used was called Picnik. Google bought them, It is no longer available. Is there one out there that is similar to Piknic?

  5. anna

    Hi Roxie,

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

    Try PicMonkey, it’s an online photo editor made by ex-Piknic team. We’ve reviewed it here

    I also recommend you to use BeFunky.

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