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On October 23, 2013 developer from Korea MOOII Tech released PhotoScape X, absolutely new powerful photo editor software for Windows 10 and Apple Mac. For the last 8 years, the free software gained an army of loyal fans among photographers, graphic designers and home users for the easiness of editing image layers, background, cropping, changing colors and adding text. Let’s see why PhotoScape X is called a real alternative to PhotoShop and Lightroom. Is PhotoScape so good?

What is PhotoScape X and PhotoScape X PRO?

Free PhotoScape X for Windows 10

PhotoScape X is a freeware photo editor for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10 and higher. The installer exe file available for download from Microsoft Store and from the official developer’s website here. The app is free, but includes certain feature limits. All features are unlocked in the paid software version named PRO. The PRO features include:

  • Clone stamp;
  • Color balance;
  • Hue/saturation;
  • Gradient fill;
  • And others (see the screenshot below)

PhotoScape X PRO features list

PhotoScape X (both free and PRO) system requirements are very modest: Windows 10 x64 and later, macOS 10.12 or later. If you own an older Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista, 8 or XP, you can use classic PhotoScape. We wrote several user manuals, check them here.

Should You Upgrade from PhotoScape X to PhotoScape X PRO?

The old PhotoScape had tons of image manipulation tools inside one program. But PhotoScape X is another case. We have prepared a comparison table of both apps, so you can choose a $39.99 upgrade wisely.

PhotoScape vs PhotoScape X vs PhotoScape X PRO Comparison Table

FeaturePhotoScapePhotoScape X FreePhotoScape X PRO
OSWindows XP, 7, 8, 10Windows 10, MacWindows 10, Mac
Image Viewer+++
Background Editing+++
Transparent Background++
Photo Collage Maker+++
Picture Crop+++
Clone Stamp++
GIF Creator++
Screenshot Maker+++
Batch Pic Editing++

So is the X version good enough? We think – YES! If you still have doubts, let’s explore PhotoScape X best features in detail. Follow our guide!

How to Remove Image Background in PhotoScape X?

There are 3 most popular ways of image background removal in PhotoScape X:

  • blur background;
  • change background;
  • make background transparent;

Let’s see how to remove picture background each way and apply the best background change tips and tricks to your photo!

How to Blur Image Background in PhotoScape X?

The new graphics editor enables you to completely blur the background of your image and focus only on the key element of your photo. For example, like my picture below:

yellow tulip with blurred background in PhotoScape X

Here’s how to blur photo background in PhotoScape X:

  1. Launch the free software;
  2. Drag and drop your images and open the Editor tab;
  3. Go to Adjustments right side menu and click the Blur icon;
  4. Select Blur type and increase the blur radius;
  5. Click +Mask sign and enable the Show mask option;
  6. Highlight the key element of your picture and your want to keep and to focus on;
  7. Click the Invert mask button and click the Apply button;
  8. Save the changes by clicking the bottom Save button. Done!

Or watch video tutorial showing you the blur trick:

How to Change Picture Background and Cut Out an Image in PhotoScape X?

PhotoScape X gives many ways to get rid of picture background. For example, you can use Magic eraser. It’s one of the easiest ways to eliminate the back scene of your image. Open an image in the application, go to Editor and select Tools on the right, then click the Eraser. Using the Magic Eraser brush you can completely remove the pic background and leave only the important object on your pic.
However, if you look for a more sophisticated technique, we will show you how to change picture background through cutting out the image in the manual below.

Watch video tutorial and learn how to crop image and change picture background:

Follow 4 steps:

  1. Launch the editor and add your picture;
  2. Go to Cut out tab and use the Magic Eraser and Brush tools to remove all background;
  3. Now go to Editor tab, and click on the right menu Transformations > Matte (if you purchased the PRO version) and replace background with something new or use Transformations > Reflection > Background (if you use free version);
  4. Don’t forget to save changes when you’re done

How to Make a Transparent Photo Background in PhotoScape X?

Many of us dream to cut out a photo where you look great, but the back area or the crowd destroys the whole composition. So find out how to cut out your selfie and make the rest of the background transparent.

How to Make Transparent Background in PhotoScape X

Follow these steps to create a new transparent photo background:

  1. Open the Editor;
  2. Right click with your mouse so the context menu can appear;
  3. Click New… and set Background opacity the left side as on the screenshot above;
  4. You can save the transparent background so you can overlay your selfie on later;
  5. Go to Cut out menu and open your selfie which you want to save without background;
  6. Use the Lasso tool to select your persona and click the Invert Mask button to save your selfie without background;
  7. Right click with your mouse and choose Copy to Clipboard;
  8. Then switch to the Editor tab and right click again and click the Paste option;
  9. Save the final picture onto your computer. Done!

Here are two useful video guides that will show you:

  • How to make transparent background (steps 1-4)

  • How to cut out an object from a picture using lasso tool (steps 5-9)

How to Add Image Layers in PhotoScape X?

Probably the most intriguing thing is the ability to add, overlay and edit image layers as you can do in other professional graphic editors such as Adobe PhotoShop or GIMP. As you know the layers feature was introduced in the paid PRO version. Still many of us are wondering, is there any chance to add an image layer in PhotoScape X free? Yes, it’s possible to add image layers in the free version and to manipulate them: add new layers, duplicate existing layers, delete layers and merge image layers.

Add a new image layer in PhotoScape X

Here’s how to add image layers in PhotoScape X step by step:

  1. Start the free software;
  2. Go to the Editor tab and open your image you want to edit;
  3. At the top right corner find the Insert button and click it;
  4. Click the Image button at the top right corner and add a new image your want to add as a layer to your initial picture;
  5. After that you’ll see the left Layers menu where you can select a necessary action like: add a new layer, delete a layer, copy a layer, remove a layer or join image layers;
  6. Also you can edit the selected layer within a special Image menu that will open up in a small window (see the screenshot below);
  7. When you done your work with layers, don’t forget to save the edited image. That’s it!

Add and edit image layers in PhotoScape X free

Watch video tutorial showing you how to work with object layers in PhotoScape X:

How to Change Color & Opacity in PhotoScape X?

One more useful feature is the possibility to change photo color and edit image opacity. In addition to batch editing, panoramic image stitching, HDR effects, color and opacity change is one of the most demanded features among photographers. Just imagine that you can enhance several dozens of photos at once like Lightroom or Sagelight Image Editor.

How to change picture color in PhotoScape X

Here’s how to change photo color in batch mode:

  1. Start the application;
  2. Go to Batch tab and add all your photos;
  3. Scroll the right menu and select Color option;
  4. Change brightness, color, contrast, clarity, saturation, tint, hue, exposure, add HDR or Magic Color effects, tweak white, black, green, red, blue balance, and much more;
  5. Please note that the changes will apply to all images you’ve added. Save changes when you are done. That’s it.

If you want to change color, light or opacity only for one picture, then go to the Editor tab, add your image and use the top right menu Color or Light.

Watch an advanced video guide explaining how to replace color with a new one in PhotoScape X:

How to Add Text on Picture in PhotoScape X?

If you enjoy adding memory notes on photos or creating memes, then you should be aware of the text feature. The software lets you insert your word on image.

How to Add Text in PhotoScape X

Follow 7 steps to add text to photo:

  1. Open free program;
  2. Go to the Editor tab and add your image;
  3. At the top right corner click the Insert button;
  4. Among the top menu select the Text option;
  5. Set your text location dragging your mouse;
  6. Edit your text style: font, size, shadow, background, opacity using the Text attributes menu.
  7. When you’re done, save the changes.

Or watch video manual showing how to add text to image in PhotoScape X:

PhotoScape X Review in a Nutshell

PhotoScape X advantages:

  • Cross-platform photo editor (for Windows PC and Mac);
  • Fast and with tons of handy features;
  • Cool tools for beginners and pros;
  • Many free options

PhotoScape X disadvantages:

  • Clone stamp locked in paid version;
  • Welcome screen overcrowded with features;
  • It takes time to find layers;

Overall, we give the highest rating to the new X version as an excellent successor of old classic PhotoScape.

How Good Are You at PhotoScape X?

Pass free quiz & see how expert you are at PhotoScape X usage. Do you know how to edit pictures in PhotoScape X as a PRO?

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