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Today I’d like to introduce an excellent free online collage maker called Photovisi. I bet if you try it, you will fall in love with Photovisi collage maker like me. The app hooks you from the first second you spend at this website by ingenious and crafty collage templates, simplicity of collage making and no hidden limits for school and family art.

What is Photovisi?

Photovisi collage templates
Photovisi is a free picture collage maker, a real competitor to other web collage creators like Polaroid Tagger and piZap, or even desktop monster PhotoScape image editor. The application beats them in creativity of backgrounds, the transparent step by step creation process and saving/sharing options. At Photovisi there are collage backgrounds for all events: school days, family events, wedding, birthday, vacations, St. Valentine day, Christmas, etc. You can also use abstract themes for unique picture collages, if you do it as a homework at school. Some themes are available only for registered users, but the majority of backgrounds are free to use without any accounts. No matter what collage layout you chose, each collage background stands out by artistic design and image quality.

How to Use Photovisi?

Photovisi online photo collage maker
Photovisi is so easy to use school collage maker. Picture collage production is fast and hassle-free even for small kids. It has only 3 steps. Here’s how to use Photovisi collage maker with children at your class:

  1. select template;
  2. add images;
  3. download free art collage.

Initially, select a background, upload your pics, move pics so they fit the design, add a text, resize the pictures if necessary and save the ready picture collage. You can download the collage immediately or share it via Facebook, Twitter or by email.

Or watch video tutorial below and see how to use Photovisi

One more important option is the opportunity for teachers and students to make custom memorabilia for school, kindergarten with your collages. For example, you can prepare a creative collage for your school festival and print the image on a mug. Thus, all students will receive an original gift from your school.

Feel fascinated? Go ahead and make your online photo collage with Photovisi now!

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    Go back to the old photomania like last years. was a lot easier. I would like to see some fall back grounds for pictures.

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