5 Best FREE Online Photo Managers to Organize Lots of Pics

Have you made tons of new photos, so your PC or iPhone is about to collapse? Here’s a solution for you, backup all your images for free in one of the best online photo management apps we have selected for you.

How to Organize a Large Digital Photo Library?

There are several best ways to manage all your old and new photos. Surely, you can store your pictures on the computer (SSD or HDD) offline in Sony PlayMemories Home app, but you can’t access them at any time. Or use any of 10 best photo sharing and online storage sites, but they often lack photo management features. As well, visit old Flickr free unlimited photo storage, if you still remember your Yahoo password. Likewise, you can buy ibi from SanDisk for $89.99, a smart box that syncs up to 1TB of images from all your gadgets, including iPhone, Android, OneDrive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram etc. Fortunately, there’s a dedicated solution for all photographers – online photo managers that solve all problems: image backup, photo storage and pictures management. Let’s compare them in our list.

What Are the Best Free Photo Organizer Apps?

1. Facebook

Would you ever think that Facebook can be the best free online photo manager? Why not! The social network is nothing without your images, so it includes all key photo management equipment that you might need. And what is more important, it’s 100% free no matter how big your photo archive is. Totally free unlimited photo management software. You won’t pay a dollar for your photo storage. It works on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Tablet, Android, iPhone, etc. Here’s how to use Facebook as a free online photo manager. Login to your Facebook account, go to your photos, create a private photo album. By default all photo albums on Facebook are public, so change the privacy setting to visible only for you and collect your images there. You can manage all pictures manually by making any number of photo albums on Facebook. There’s no limit on the number of photo uploads or GBs of photo storage space. The social network allows adding date from photos automatically. Besides, you can indicate places and tag people on photos, if you wish. Facebook doesn’t sort your images by categories automatically, so you should manually organize your picture by albums. Please note that Facebook resizes HD images. The social network recommends to shrink images up to 2048px wide JPEG with an sRGB color profile. Besides, Facebook offers basic photo editing. You can cut and rotate your photos after uploading them on Facebook.

Pros: 100% free, no photo storage limit, tag people, add timestamp, basic photo editing, works on all devices
Cons: many ads, no photo album search, no automatic classification

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2. Instagram

The sister-Facebook app Instagram is definitely indigenous free online photo manager. Instagram brought hashtags, categories, filters and @ mentions into the photo world. Now you hardly can imagine photo publishing without them. And so you can use all Instagram advantages as a free photo manager. Backup your offline digital library into a private Instagram account. Here’s the list of Instagram supported photo formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP and non-animated GIFs. Install Instagram app on your mobile gadget and transfer your photos there. Add tags to ease navigation, image order and picture arranging. Don’t forget that you can always edit images using inbuilt Instagram photo editing tools and pay nothing for it.

Pros: 100% free, unlimited photo storage, photo editing, works on all devices
Cons: many ads

3. Google Photos

Probably one of the most professional online photo management apps from our list is Google Photos. The list of supported image formats is huge, it includes even RAW files: BMP, GIF, HEIC, ICO, JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP. Google Photos offers an advanced search option, so you can look for image content or description. For example, if you upload a wedding ceremony photo album, you can type request “bride” into the search box and Google Photos will show all images which contain the bride even if you never tag photos manually. Thanks to intelligent Google image search, you don’t have to organize images into categories by folders or tag pictures. Here you can export all pictures from your PC or mobile phone in bulk as is. Google Photos permits you to sort your photo gallery by name, date, and file size. The only disadvantage is 15 GB free storage limit. After that threshold, you’ll have to pay for the use of a smart online photo manager.

Pros: great image search, no irritating ads, allows RAW file storage, works on all devices
Cons: 15 GB photo storage limit

4. 500px

One more great online photo manager from the list is 500px. It’s a social network for photographers. So you can upload JPGs and backup only your best pictures there because there’s 7 free photos per week limit and exhibit them among other photographers. Follow other photographers and organize your photo feed. Browse photos by categories, tags, galleries, groups, add photos to favorites, share your images online. Moreover, 500px is a portfolio website for photographers where you can show off your work and hire best photographers.

Pros: 100% free, professional photo services and networking
Cons: 7 photos per week restriction

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5. Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is 100% free Windows PC and Mac software that helps to organize, collect, sort and download RAW photos from SLR cameras. The application requires a free Adobe Creative Cloud account which you can create within 2 minutes using your email. Adobe Bridge is a desktop app, however if you purchase a $9.99 Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription, you can use Adobe Bridge with Adobe Lightroom and 20GB of cloud storage, so you can backup and manage lots of photos in the cloud. But if you prefer to arrange all your pictures offline on Mac or PC, then Adobe Bridge will be a great photo organizer. The freeware allows you to rate photos, add keywords, add and change metadata, manage RAW files, convert files in Adobe Media Encoder, add tags, group images by metadata, sort by various categories, and so on. If you have several thousands of images on your computer, Adobe Bridge can manage and organize all of them professionally.

Pros: 100% free, professional photo management system, works fast with thousands of images, full RAW support
Cons: cloud photo backup required paid Adobe subcription

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These are the best free photo managers as of 2021. We didn’t include into the list several apps with a low photo storage limit, but you might consider them as well:

6. Amazon Photos
The best photo manager with Alexa support. If you use smart home equipment, Alexa might show your photo gallery on your TV per your voice request.
7. Apple iCloud
It’s not really a photo manager, but if you have only Apple gadgets (iPhone, Mac, iPad), then you can sync all your photo files quickly between your Apple devices.
8. Microsoft OneDrive
The cloud solution for Windows users includes free photo storage, Cortana support and various photo editing apps.

So what is the best photo organizer app for you? Would you add anything to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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