Pixable, an Online Photo Manager


Pixable main pagePixable is an online photo viewing application that finds photos across all popular social networks and sorts them out. The pictures are divided into different categories (Top of the Day, Top of the Week, Top of the Month, etc.) depending on their revelance to the user.

Pixable’s ranking is based on the number of likes and comments, i.e your popularity and interaction with the friends associated with a particular photo. The “My faves” section collects photos marked as favorite.

Online Photo Manager

Pixable also serves as a notification service as it allows users to follow tagged news and not to miss the newly uploaded videos and images. Besides personalized info, Pixable provides public feeds based on users’ interests like Sports, Style & Fashion, Funny and others.

Pixable has a mobile version. You can sign up via a Facebook account or your personal email.Pixable categories


Drawing the line, Pixable is a convenient online photo management application because it offers its users a unique personalized photo browsing experience. You’ll always be in the know what is happening in your friends’ social life. At the same time Pixable cannot be called a fully functional editing application as it lacks photo editing tools.

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