What Can You Do With Pixlr Express?

Pixlr Express or just Pixlr X (formerly Pixlr-o-Matic) free online photo editor creates awesome photo effects out of ordinary images. Upload your photo, choose an effect from the gallery, add a photo frame and save your stylish masterpiece.

How Good is Pixlr X?

Pixlr X is available as a web app, for download, in Chrome Web App Store, on Facebook and smartphones. Let’s see why people love Pixlr so much and what can you do with the help of Pixlr app:

Thanks to the Pixlr app, you can edit your pictures the same way across all devices and operational systems.

Pixlr-o-Matic Photo Effects

Online photo editor is really easy and fun to use. Pixlr start page offers 2 options – take an image via your web camera or upload a photo from your PC. Then, spin the wheel in the center and select a photo effect like sparks, blur, haze, stars, pale or black and white. The next step is to apply a photo frame to your picture and click the Save button. There are two saving alternatives: either upload your pic to online library and share it on Facebook, Twitter or social bookmarks; or download the image to your computer.

SEE WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH PIXLR: For example, Pixlr can create awesome before and after photos – read our detailed tutorial here.

Is Pixlr X as Good as Photoshop?

Pixlr X is as good as Adobe Photoshop for non-professionals. Let’s sum up Pixlr X pros & cons, so you can decide if Pixlr deserves a try.


  • free photo app;
  • cool attractive photo effects;
  • works on lots of gadgets;


  • None

So is Pixlr as good as Photoshop for you? Tell us in comments!

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