A successful website development consists of many elements such as a good website builder, creative design themes, easy navigation, beautiful images and appealing unique content. To make your website more interactive and engaging you can add suitable social media buttons or increase communication via polls, surveys and ratings. This two-way communication is a great indicator of your audience tastes, demands and preferences.

Fortunately, there is no need to hire a developer to enrich your site with polls or voting boxes. Try Polldaddy, an easy online poll creating app. It lets you instantly embed polls on your web pages.

Polldaddy is simple and fast to deploy. Create a free account, select a poll type, choose a poll design template, add your question and several answer options. Then, copy automatically generated code for your poll and place the poll code on your site page. It’s all you need to do. Soon the poll will appear on your site.

Inside your Polldaddy account, there is poll statistics. Evaluate how your users vote and what opinion they have. Besides, you can place similar ratings under each your blog post, review or product. So your customers can express their attitude to your work.

Upon the whole, Polldaddy is a full-featured tool for polling each webmaster or blogger dreams of.


  • suits both blogs and websites;
  • has apps for all famous platforms: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Posterous, etc;
  • easy to create polls and analyze performance;
  • lots of survey design options;
  • there are free and paid accounts;


  • nothing so far


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