PostcardlyAs usual, I was searching the Internet for some work issues when I stumbled upon a peculiar service named Postcardly. And you know I fell in love with the principle which is the base for its functioning!

Postcardly helps you turn your emails with attached photos into a 100%-real post card that your nearest and dearest will get within a week. Hallmark provides you with a plenty of nice cards and envelopes, Postcardly, in addition to the mentioned above, sends them for you.

Personally I have already forgotten when I last saw a paper card in my postbox! And it would be a really great and very pleasant surprise for me. Sad to say, but this kind of mailing becomes rare. For Generation ’00, it’s exotics! For our grandparents, it will be a surprise too as they don’t receive postcards very often now.

So, what you do. You register with Postcardly, create an email address book within the service where there will be the names of your recipients combined with the ending @postcardly and then send a text, a photo and the real address to these virtual email boxes. The service will resize the pic and place the text on the rear side and then send the ready paper postcard with U.S. mail. Alas! No need to go to the shop and have your pics printed. You don’t have to visit the post office either. You do everything online.

Greeting Cards

Now, as for the photos management. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that Postcardly doesn’t provide any photo editor to create a personal design by adding some frames, or effects. But after all I thought that I can attach an already edited image and it will still arrive to my granny. For example, Photoscape, Picnic, etc. that we described in our posts can help you.

Good news. You can send your postcards from any part of the world. Postcardly accepts pics from computers, mobile phones and any portable devices with the Internet support.

Bad news – cards are delivered only to the addresses within the USA borders. The site owners promise that they work on this but I cannot say for sure when I will be able to send a nice post card to my friend to France.

Though Postcardly is labeled Beta, they already charge money for their services. Maybe I’m a spoiled user but I got used to free start-ups. One more thing that troubles me is the post fee. I didn’t quite understand where it is hiding. Maybe it is necessary to look through the FAQ’s about Postcardly and how it works once again. I have to say that they are very informative and detailed.

And still I find the idea of the service great! My grandmother doesn’t even know how to switch on the computer and very often I forget (let’s tell the truth) to call her. And Postcardly will be the smartest way out for me!


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  1. Paul at Postcardly

    Thanks for the writeup! Glad you like Postcardly—and we’re also (not surprisingly!) big fans of snail mail. It’s pretty special, and we miss it from our childhood days.

    Re: the post fee, postage is *included*. The cost is about 99 cents per card (or as low as 67 cents, depending on what plan you pick), including printing, postage, everything!

    Anybody can send an email to to see a pdf preview of how a Postcardly message would look, even without signing up.

  2. Jazlynn

    What a neat article. I had no inkling.

    1. tatyana

      Jazlynn, the idea of the service is really great. Hope, it will be a success! And many thanks for your comment!

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