Put “Before” and “After” Pictures Side by Side with Pixlr Express

“Before” and “After” pictures are often shown in commercials and news. It’s a beloved photo style by weight loss program advertisers. And even after natural disasters in Japan, the Internet was filled with “before and after tsunami images”. Of course, we aren’t body-builders or newsmakers, but sometimes it’s pleasant to show off your fitness results, photo shooting skills or cakes and make pictures side by side that speak for you.

Here’s how to put “Before” and “After” pictures side by side using Pixlr Express. Go to pixlr.com and jump to Pixlr Express: it’s a light version of a more advanced online Pixlr editor. By the way, as a reader of Photo Software & Design Blog, you should be familiar with its sister-app called Pixlr-o-Matic reviewed earlier.

As all other free picture editing websites, Pixlr Express has tons of robust tools to edit photos. But in order to make a before and after picture for free, we’ll explore only Pixlr online photo collage maker section in this tutorial.

Pixlr Express

1. Click Pixlr Express “Collage” icon.

2. Select a “two-image merged together” collage layout template, which allows us to make pictures comparison side by side.

Choose Collage Layout Template in Pixlr

3. The new window will open. On the left picture, click the Plus button, to upload a “Before ” image.

How to Upload a Picture to Pixlr Express

Then do the same thing on the right photo and add an “After” pic from your computer.

4. As a result, you’ll be able to preview “Before and After image”. If you like the pic, you can save it onto your PC.

Before and After Picture Preview in Pixlr Express

5. However, if you feel that the picture isn’t close to your idea, you can continue editing the photo by clicking the Brush icon on each image.

For example, I’ll show you how to add text to your picture.

6. By clicking on this icon, you’ll switch to the editing mode in Pixlr Express. So, use the bottom menu and go to the Text tab.

Photo editing in Pixlr Express

7. Type your text such as “Before” or “After” in the highlighted box, select the font style, color and position with the help of corresponding tabs.

When you are done, don’t forget to save the picture and apply your changes.

Add Text Before or After to your Picture

8. The last step will be to evaluate your work and save the final “Before” and “After” photo comparison collage.

Pixlr Express Before and After Collage Pic

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  1. akshay kumar

    how can i download this software…please help me…

  2. anna

    Hi Akshay Kumar,

    Pixlr Express is an online application. It’s not software, so you cannot download it.

    You have to go to Pixlr Express website and edit your photos there.

    I hope it helps.


    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  3. RCC

    Won’t work on iPad or iphone (Flash required) 🙁

  4. Sally

    this was not a good tool. I could not find rotate anywhere in the collage!

  5. Sally

    After working out how to rotate individual photos, think this collage is now good!

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