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Recuva is unique free software that should be installed on every computer. Recuva restores deleted images, photos, other files quickly and easily. No tech knowledge needed to rescue erased pictures. Just select the file type you want to restore, e.g. photos, and click the “Scan” button. Recuva will explore your PC and bring up the list of images that recently has been deleted. Then, you’ll pick up the desired pictures and get your photos back.

Is Recuva for PC Really Free?

Obviously, Recuva should be at your fingertips like a first-aid kit if something bad happens to your images. You can accidently delete photos, your PC may crash or you may lose a photo collection from your USB flash drive. In all these situations Recuva is the fastest remedy. And it’s free as of July 2021. Recuva offers all key recovery features for free. But if you use a virtual machine on your Windows PC, then you can upgrade to a paid $19.95 Recuva version.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Recuva?

Run the program and restore pictures that keep your best moments and memories. Recuva definitely impresses with simplicity and straightforward photo recovery process. You have no doubts what to do. The application automatically detects images and offers best matching results to you. Another pleasant surprise is the high speed of Piriform Recuva tool. So Recuva will recover your permanently deleted photos, audio files, pdfs and other sorts of files even if they are absent in the trash can. And Recuva will do it fast!

Watch video tutorial and learn how to recover permanently deleted files with Recuva:

Does Recuva Really Work?

I failed to find any cons in the program. It took about 5 seconds to screen all my Windows PC and show me deleted photos. The last but not the least advantage – Recuva is absolutely free. However, the only person who can truly evaluate Recuva is the one who saved lost images. This lucky man has recovered both photos and emotions thanks to Recuva.


Does Recuva Have a Data or File Limit?

No, it doesn’t. Recuva can rescue unlimited number of files and photos. So if your photo collection with USB backup storage crashes, Recuva can help you to return to life all your photo gallery with hundreds or thousands family photos. And it’s all will be free of charge.

Watch short video review of Recuva and learn secret tips & tricks!

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