Sagelight Image Editor is a Serious Challenge to Adobe Lightroom

Sagelight Image Editor

Sagelight Image Editor is a professional 48-bit image editor. It was designed to meet the requirements of new digital era making photo editing really fast and fun. New technologies take advantage of the power of modern speedy computers and stand the specific needs of digital cameras. The program combines powerfully simple one-click photo enhancement tools with cutting-edge advanced controls. It is a true gem for beginners, amateurs and even professionals.

If you look at the famous competitor of Sagelight Image Editor, Adobe Lightroom, you will find out that it’s more expensive, more complicated and less user friendly. You will have to study manuals carefully before starting photo manipulation process with Adobe Lightroom.

Sagelight Image Editor isn’t freeware. You’ll get a full version with extensive help, video tutorials and technical support just for $ 39.95. However there is a 30-day trial available with no restrictions. Sagelight Image Editor works with bitmap image formats and raw photographs taken with professional digital cameras. It also supports JPEG and TIFF.

Sagelight Photo Editor

Sagelight functions are powerful and thought-out. The most impressive feature is a set of colour adjustment tools. Experiment with shadows and highlights, play with saturation and hues, tweak brightness and tone contrast. Thus, you can easily turn a dull and lifeless picture into an exceptionally colorful image. Sagelight Image Editor provides helpful usage tips and has a detailed help section. For those who know a little more about photo editing principles there are such outstanding functions as the real-time histogram, Power Curves, Dodge, Burn and Clone Brushes, Dynamic Masks, etc.

Photo editing with Sagelight

Intuitive interface, high quality photo editing results, absence of steep learning curve make Sagelight Image Editor a serious challenge to expensive professional photo editing software monsters like Adobe Elements or Adobe Lightroom. Thus, a list of low-cost alternatives to Adobe Lightroom  becomes larger. On the one hand, you can try Gimp, an open source free photo editor, and on the other, pick up Sagelight Image Editor.

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  1. Only one thing missing: image browsing and management.
    And for months now there seems to be no support by the developer!

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