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A magazine, a brochure, a booklet, good-looking business cards – these are the items that are vital for any small and not very small business. These branded items serve as a trademark and there are several applications that you could use to prepare them.

Scribus is a free desktop application that helps you create professionally looking marketing and business materials. It’s an open source desktop editor that you should download to be able to Forbes magazine cover template, a nicely looking brochure or a business card which parameters fit the standard ones accepted by large print shops.

First, it’s necessary to highlight the advantages that this application obviously has.

  • Free. Open-source in most cases means free of charge and Scribus is not an exception.
  • Rich functionality. Unlike many other open-source applications, Scribus was developed by professionals who are keen on printing issues. That’s why technical and creative aspects of Scribus are beyond praise.
  • Multi-purpose. There are ready templates for you grouped into various categories.

Scribus printing layouts

  • Many user guides. A rich collection of Scribus user guidelines on several topics covers many topics that you might be interested in.
  • Works in pair with GIMP. Open-source plus open-source might equal to a perfectly done artwork. You can insert ready images into your layout but if they somehow do not match or don’t fit the given frame, you can launch GIMP directly from the Scribus interface to fix the images right on the spot (of course, it will be possible to do if GIMP is installed on your machine).

For example, GIMP wasn’t installed on my laptop and Scribus pleasingly informed me about this sad fact:

Scribus and GIMP work together

  • Unicode full support. For us, it means that we can type the text in various directions and use such exotic fonts as Arabic without any problems.
  • Compatible with PDF. There won’t be any discrepancies while transferring your layouts to the PDF format. Scribus also enables you to create animated and interactive PDF presentations and forms.
  • User interface languages. For the moment, Scribus interface can boast for about 30 languages; and it really impressive!

And as usual, a fly in the soup: Scribus cannot read or write the native file formats of other DTP programs like QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, or InDesign. But I think that we can live it, can’t we?

In the next post, there will appear a detailed guideline on how to create a simple three-fold brochure.

Create a 3-fold brochure with Scribus

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