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However, there may be some things you’d like to learn or get a deeper overview of an app. That’s why we have created this page as our “Wish List”.

Please feel free to suggest to us new topics for posts or ask any questions you have about photo editing and web design. We will do our best to prepare reviews and how-to guides according to your requests. If you prefer to ask questions privately, please email your ideas at We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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  1. hi
    just for some fresh ideas on your wonderful blog
    some more softwares to study and to speak about –
    Wonderful thing, absolutely free of charge, fo English and French speaking users. It will help you to write REAL articles- like in real newspapers.
    and photofiltre –
    One more tool to discover for photo-users!!!!

  2. This is my first visit to this sight and wanted to thank the developers of PhotoScape. Both my wife and I use it exclusively to edit our photos. However, I have failed to find the setting which will allow me to replace original photos with edited versions of those photos. I know there must be some way to have this occure. Up to now I have deleted each individual photo after the edit. Boy is this time consuming!

    1. Hi Ron,

      Thanks a lot for a hint! I’m sure the same question bothers many PhotoScape users. We’ll prepare a review on this topic.

      Thank you,

      Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

      1. The best free one I have found is GIMP. Gimp is kind of like a poorman’s phootshop. It is an opensource program that has been ported from Linux to Windows and Mac operating systems. Don’t let the name fool you. It is a very powerful graphics’s name is an anagram forGNU Image Manipulation Program.Even if you find something else, it is worth having GIMP too.Look it up on Wikipedia.Tony

        1. Thanks a lot for your opinion!

          GIMP is one of the best serious photo editors.


          Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

      1. I loved what Picasa offered but they’re still missing two facial appearance available in additional photo mgt. apps. 1. File and Folder renaming and Rotating on the glide while importing. 2. Constant access to exif data while browsing photos

  3. Hi, I have read your nice site!
    So I want you to evaluate my developed iOS App Addphoto.
    This is photo uploading tool to iPhone.
    I think AddPhoto is convenient for everyone.

  4. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll take a look at Addphoto iOS app.

    Editor, Photo Software & Design Blog

  5. hi his is an awsome app for photo editing too good but make it a app for android

  6. Hi Photo Software Blog, I have bought a new DSLR camera recently and was looking for a good Windows app that would help me to manage my extensive photo archive. I have tried some apps downloaded from Cnet and found apparently the one that suits me best – Zoner Photo Studio. The best part of it is a free and truly unlimited photo cloud which I haven’t found anywhere else – I can automatically back up all my original photos to their cloud and access them from anywhere (even from my Android). So I just thought it might be interesting and worth to look at. Cheers Jay

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