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Sketchpad, the developer of HTML5 online photo editing apps, is a real alternative to Microsoft Paint or The free web-based online drawing tool allows you to create pictures, sketches and cartoons. The app contains all usual drawing software features: brushes, shapes, a color picker, an eraser, a texture stamp and much more. Moreover, Sketchpad gives advanced image editing options such as gradients, patterns and history; the last two criteria go beyond limited MS Paint toolset.

What is Sketchpad App?

Sketchpad is a unique online image editor due to its HTML5 nature. This web technology is still underestimated by the authors of online photo editing websites and HTML5 implementation is true revolution. At the same time, up-to-date HTML5 Sketchpad frame cuts off lots of users with old browsers (like Internet Explorer 6, 7 or earlier versions of Firefox) because Sketchpad app works only with the newest web browsers. So if you want to try excellent Sketchpad painting capabilities, you should switch to new Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9.

How to Use Sketchpad Web App in Google Chrome or Chromebook?

Watch how to use Sketchpad app online on any device:

Sketchpad interface is simple and intuitive. Apply painting tools from the left-hand panel. There are additional pop-up windows that help you create your images. You can always return to previous step by clicking the “History” button. Don’t forget to save your masterpiece – use the “Save” button to turn your image in PNG file. If you lack inspiration, just refresh your page and start drawing all over again.

Needless to say, whether you are an image editing expert or a newbie, Sketchpad is fun to paint and to play. It provides an amazing photo experience that you cannot achieve with well-known Paint. But as the app is new, it has to acquire more drawing tools to replace desktop sketch software.

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