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Decades ago we collected printed photos in dedicated albums like “Our kids”, “Anniversary”, “The newly born”, “Wedding”, “Graduation”, etc. Now we store pictures online, on our computers, iPads and smartphones, so to say, to always have images at hand. But often they lack that special spirit of old family photo albums. Smilebox, a free online web service for scrapbooks and photo slideshows, was introduced to change this situation once and forever.

What’s Best Online Scrapbook Maker App 2022?

Admired by millions of people, Smilebox is one of the best web scrapbook maker apps that creates beautiful scrapbooks, slideshows and other sorts of photo collections online. The service is free and easy to use. Watch an inspiring Easter sample scrapbook from Smilebox website!

How to Make a Digital Scrapbook Online Free with Smilebox?

how to make Smilebox scrapbook

Different already reviewed photo apps turn ordinary pictures into elegant and unusual photo collections:

But Smilbox stands out among all them by the number of included free high-quality design themes. That’s why even non-professional scrapbooks created with Smilebox look top-notch.

So go ahead and try Smilebox, here’s how to make your first photo scrapbook:

1. Download a Smilebox app onto your PC, iPhone, or Mac – depending on a device type you use for your scrapbook making;

2. Select a type of photo collection you’d like to create, for example: a slideshow, a scrapbook, a family album, a collage, etc;

3. Choose a design template among dozens of pre-made styles for your masterpiece including so popular: birthday, anniversary, kids, babies, picnic, prom, Christmas, Mother’s Day, St. Valentine Day slide themes;

Smilebox scrapbook designs

4. Add your photos;

5. Edit your Smilebox scrapbook: re-group pics, include music, photo effects;

6. Finish your scrapbook making. The ready images will be uploaded to the Web space and saved offline on your desktop.

7. Smilebox enables you to send a link to your SmileBox photo gallery to your friends, relatives and family members.

However, free options in Smilebox are limited. The web service offers paid subscriptions in order to get more design templates, soundtracks, web storage volume, privacy settings and sharing opportunities. Besides, upon installation Smilebox onto your computer, it offers to install a browser toolbar (though, it can be declined).

Upon the whole, even a free version of Smilebox is an intuitive and creative web service for family photo albums, animated scrapbooks and splendid slideshows.

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