Taaz Virtual Makeover Promises a Perfect Look


If you plan to change your haircut before a summer vacation or visit a SPA center on a weekend, don’t forget to stop at Taaz. It may become your best personal fashion stylist that you have ever dreamt of.

Taaz is a web community that promises to help in creating a perfect look for you. The website contains with a virtual makeover app, beauty Q&A forum, video tutorials about makeup and hot daily deals. In a word, Taaz unites all useful resources for a girl at one place.

Taaz virtual makeover app

The key feature intriguing to the utmost is Taaz being a virtual makeover web app. Their virtual stylist lets you try on hairstyles, makeup and hair colors free of charge. The app works like jKiwi, another virtual makeover that we have reviewed before:

  1. Upload you photo (an image in jpeg, png or gif format, where you look directly into the camera) or use a sample photo;
  2. Select an area for the improvement: face, eyes, lips, hair;
  3. Add mascara, put on contact lenses or sunglasses;
  4. Finally, compare your images before and after applying Taaz makeover effects

Taaz has 3 strong advantages over its competitors:

  • really easy to use and fast;
  • flexible; you can adjust practically all the settings according to your taste;
  • includes many celebrity templates; so you can try on Heidi Klum or Halle Berry haircut;

Besides, you can save your new look, share it on your Twitter and Facebook page. In addition to all of the above, there are no limits to the number of makeover attempts and obligatory account registrations. Thus, you can concentrate solely on your style and beauty.

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  1. agnesaileen

    “It is indeed very useful for all the women. Taaz app is awesome of all the makeover options available online!!! One can sit back at a place and get clear pictures of self after application of makeup products, the store from where they could be bought along with various expert advices too!!!!! I’m sure it’ll help many confused ladies choose the best face makeup without any loss of money on tester packs.

    Taaz has launched a new iPhone app. Try it out at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hair-try-on-by-taaz/id569640481?ls=1&mt=8

  2. Nancy Lee


  3. Bob Dack

    What has happened to the TAAZ.com Site?

  4. wildcat

    whats wrong with taaz? is not working…. 🙁 please fix it

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