Best Facebook Photo Sizes for Cover Photo, Timeline & Profile

Best Facebook Photo Sizes for Cover Photo, Timeline & Profile

Facebook rules our lives!  And to power Facebook, you need to exactly know the best sizes that this social network accepts. Below, you’ll find the reasons why you should observe these sizes and also a one-page memo with all the information you need.
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Make Custom Facebook Timeline Covers with FB ProfileCovers

Facebook Timeline Photo Cover

Facebook has changed its design to a new version called Timeline. Now all of us can place a picture/a banner on the top of Facebook profile page. In order to fill this huge rectangular space, you can simply choose a photo from your FB album and use it as profile cover. However, not all standard photos look cool there. The social network algorithm may distort your image, stretch or resize the photograph. To avoid such problems, try a special website that creates spectacular Facebook profile covers.

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Image Editing with Splashup (Tutorial for Beginners)

Image Editing with Splashup (Tutorial for Beginners)
Splashup is a free online photo editor, which has lots of advanced picture editing features such as layers, brushes, filters, canvas, etc.  Unlike other online photo editors created for fun photo editing such as Picnik, Pixlr-o-Matic or PhotoMania, Splashup is considered to be a photo editor for professionals. But...

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Pizap: Amusing Free Photo Editor for Facebook Pics

Fun photo editing with Pizap

Pizap is a tremendously popular Facebook photo app for fun photo editing with over 3 million fans. The success secret is simple: Pizap helps to edit pictures easily and post them directly to your Facebook online album.

Although the application is absolutely free, it is surprisingly feature-rich. Pizap lets create collages with friends, edit photos, delete image background and add photo frames. Login to Facebook, install Pizap photo editor and start editing your pictures.

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Facebook Photo Apps: Native vs. Third Party

Facebook photo

Most of us share photos on Facebook: family get-together photos, photos with friends, pictures from vacations. Usually we do a bit of image editing before posing them. There are 3 ways to edit photos for Facebook: desktop software, a native Facebook photo app or a third party photo application. Today we will compare only web apps made by Facebook team and third party tools produced by independent developers.

As you know the social network has authentic photo tools and allows developers to create their own applications for Facebook. Thus, users have a vast choice of tools for all tastes. You can use standard Facebook photo means or add more apps to create collages on the go, enhance your profile picture, or send friends cute e-cards directly via Facebook. But you should be careful installing third party software because it may request certain personal information or link to an external site with unsafe content.

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