6 Great Photography Tips For Children's Birthday Parties

Cartoon Family Photo

When someone is throwing a birthday party for their child they want great photographs to cherish the memories forever, so I've given them a few tips to help them take better photos.

Your child won't get any younger so you want to make sure you take great photos of each birthday party they have. If you don't hire a professional photographer you'll need to take the photos yourself. Do you think you can capture every special moment perfectly? Here are a few great tips that will help you out. Continue reading "6 Great Photography Tips For Children's Birthday Parties"

Fontmeme: Free Text Generator with Peculiar Fonts

Fontmeme: Funny text generator

Sure, it occurred to you once or several times that you wish you could type your texts that would look like elf inscriptions, or Harry Potter’s scribbles, or digital characters like in Star Trek. I have found the decision for you! Welcome Fontmeme – free fonts Klondike and texts generator.

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How to Use Phootime for Online RAW Files Backup

Phootime Online Backup

Photo amateurs and professional photographers have tons of files. To keep all your images safe and sound, we recommend to use free online backup services named Phootime which promises even to back up RAW files. Continue reading "How to Use Phootime for Online RAW Files Backup"

9 Unusual Poses for Photographing Women

A woman posing for a photography

All girls dream of becoming a model, but many fall behind strict standards. This doesn’t mean that you should put away sweet hopes of appearing on the top magazines covers. You can turn into a charming photo model. Here are several great posture ideas for making a beautiful photo portfolio.
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RAW Image Format: 3 FAQs You Should Know

DSLR photo cameraUnlike ordinary digital cameras, advanced DSLR photo cameras shoot fabulous pictures. In order to get best quality of your images, professional photographers recommend to change photo saving settings from JPEG to RAW format. If you have just bought your first Nikon or Canon DSLR cam and feel puzzled over image formats dilemma, this post is for you.

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Clipart: Where to Get Free Images without Watermarks?

Microsoft Clipart: free pics stock

We have written tons of posts about image licenses, pictures collections, photo contests, and mentioned dozens of applications (online and desktop) that make wonder out of ordinary images. But if one doesn’t have any wish to take photos, edit pictures, read image licenses? Let me give you a piece of advice…

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