How to Take Screenshots without PrntScr Key

Print Scren Button on the Keyboard
Sometimes there’s a vital need to have a screenshot to show it to a tech support specialist, friends, or just to save it for your own. I suppose all of us want to make screenshots quickly and for free. But our requirements may be different: sometimes it’s necessary to have only a part of the screen, sometimes the full screen, sometimes only a program window. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.


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MS Paint’s Evolution: from Ugly Ducking to Magnificent Swan

Microsoft Paint Win 7

Microsoft Paint is a well-known drawing program. Very often MS Paint is an object of amusing jokes, so its functionality is underestimated. In fact this is a perfect image editor. It performs a lot of routine common tasks and substitutes bulky and expensive photo software. The only thing is needed: you should know how to use the program. Unfortunately only the lucky and the persistent have found the key to MS Paint’s heart. Besides following the ugly rumors that Paint is good-for-nothing, practically nobody wants to give it a try. Let’s attempt to save MS Paint’s reputation.


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Top 10 Best Free Photo Editors of 2012 | +Bonus Apps

10 Best Photo Editors of 20122012 is a remarkable year on photo editing apps landscape. We’ve lost Picnik; Instagram was swallowed by Facebook. Old free photo editors were updated and continue to edit your pictures better than before.

Some photo editors kept top positions since the Best Photo Software list of 2011 was published.

This year Photo Software & Design Blog compared over 30 free photo editing websites and software programs one by one. And now we are willing to show the complete list of best free photo editors of 2012 in our review.

These photo editors edit photos, create collages, add awesome photo effects, remove skin imperfections, rotate, flip, crop, cut your images, merge and compile pics, create wonderful frames, convert your photos into stylish black and white images and do much more cool things to improve your photographs.

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Make an Ad Banner Wisely

Create ad banners wisely

Have you ever thought why professional designers spend so much time creating a small ad banner? You can do it yourself too but I suggest that you consider the experience of the specialists to get a really brilliant and effective ad banner.


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How to Transfer Photos to iPad Without iTunes (Dropbox Guide)

Transfer Photos to iPadiPad is an ideal device to view photos. Its touch-screen enables you to zoom pictures, flip them and move from one photo to another simply with a finger touch. iPad can collect and store your photos. All you need is to import ready pics from your computer. If you want to transfer photos from PC to iPad, you can use iTunes. However, its complicated file transfer method is a serious obstacle for many people. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to copy pictures from computer to iPad with the help of Dropbox and here’s our step by step guide about it.

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How to Create a Gorgeous Calendar Online?

HP Creative Studio

I. Have. Been. Looking. For. A. Good. Online. Calendar. Maker. For… half a year!!! I already started thinking that there were no people on the Internet who would think out this simple idea of an online calendar creator for us. Thank God, I was mistaken.


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Recuva! Don’t Lose Deleted Photos

RecuvaRecuva is unique free software that should be installed on every computer. Recuva restores deleted images quickly and easily. No tech knowledge needed to rescue erased images. Just select the file type you want to restore, e.g. photos, and click the “Scan” button. Recuva will explore your PC and bring up the list of images that recently has been deleted. Then, you’ll pick up the desired pictures and get your photos back.

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Will Picasa Replace Picnik?

Picasa-PicnikAs you know, an extremely popular online photo editor, Picnik will be closed on Aplil 19, 2012. Unfortunately, Google, the owner of Picnik, has decided to shut down the online photo editing website and shift several features to other services such as Google+ and Picasa. In these circumstances, Picnik fans examine the new Picnik substitute suggested by Google – Picasa. However, the question remains: “Can Picasa replace Picnik or are all well-known photo editing tools lost forever?”

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